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With the corona virus peeping through every corner of the streets, the entire world has come to be a still. In the incumbent scenario, the virus has affected approximately 3 million citizens of our country with more than 55 thousand deaths and counting. The lockdown was imposed by the Government of our country leading to restrictions in the movement of the people. With the restriction imposed, all the activities going on in the country came to a pause but slowly the digital methods were adopted by the companies, businesses, schools and colleges. The examination of students in the class 10th and 12th got postponed but seeing the scenario of the country and the number of cases increasing per day, it got cancelled at the end. The students were given the average marks in the subjects un-attempted. This was done keeping in mind the safety and security of the students.


In India, mostly board results get declared by the month of May. The admissions begin post May. The students who have been preparing for a yearlong attempt the exams to secure good rank/ marks in it, so to get admission in the good colleges. But this year, the scenario is completely different. With the lockdown imposed, all the entrance exams to get admission in the college got postponed because of the large number of COVID-19 cases arising in the country. The count of corona cases in the country is now more than 27 lakhs affecting more than 65 thousand people per day. The situation is of fear.


It seems that the cases of COVID-19 are at peak in the country. It is of utmost importance that all the precautionary measures are taken by the citizens such as maintaining social distancing, wear a mask, wash the hands frequently or whenever touched any object. At these tough times, the entrance examination of JEE and NEET dates are announced. The admit card of JEE is released and NEET was supposed to be released on 29th Aug. The students and the parents have been protesting against the conduct of exams because the total numbers of candidates for these examinations are around 28 lakhs. The conduct of examination will involve large amount of risk. The hashtag has been trending in twitter regarding that but with the decision of Supreme Court and the Government, it has been announced that there won’t be any further postponement of the exams. 

The rationale behind it given was that further postponement will lead to loss of a whole academic year of the students. The decision is taken to save an academic year of the students from any loss. But is it safe to conduct the exams? The reply of administration was that all the safety and pre-cautionary measures will be taken to ensure the safety. But this seems quite contradictory from the side of Government. This is because one side they are stating that people should avoid going out of their homes unnecessarily so to avoid contact and on the other side, they are conducting exams which will lead to movement of 28 lakh students, a person accompanying them, a mode of travelling to the test centre, people present in the test centre to ensure fair and troublesome test and many more movements. 


Now, let’s take the points that lead to the trending of #PostponeJEEand NEET:

  • The situation is getting worse with every passing day, the graph is rising drastically.
  • The situation currently has impacted the mind and the mental health of the students, the conduct of exams will impose more burdens and the student might get depressed or take any unwanted step.
  • The travelling has been suspended, if a student needs to travel then he as to arrange the vehicle on own which can cause a burden financially.
  • There are many students who come from poor background; they are suffering with financial crunch. If the exam is conducted, they might be in a condition that they won’t be able to give the best.
  • If someone in the family is suffering or has been deceased lately, then it is sure that the students are impacted by that. The students are young and seeing their loved ones in a pain is affecting them. They might not be in a situation to write.
  • The movement of more than 56 lakhs people are involved. Imposing the risk at 56 Lakhs people is not safe. If any one person gets infected, then there is a probability that the others in contact/ family will get impacted too. Thus, the risk is high.
  • Many families are unwilling to expose their ward to the risk. They rather will compromise a year.
  • If at the time of exam, any student falls ill or is suffering from Corona, then what will happen to them? They will get more depressed and exhaust mentally.
  • It takes days to get and identify the symptom, if the person contacts other person unknowingly of the occurrence of COVID-19, then it will infect others too.
  • In case, if any miss happening happens post the exam with any of the person involved. Then who’ll be responsible? Who’ll compensate?
  • If JEE and NEET exam will take place, then the other entrances that has been postponed will also happen in a short while, it means more risk.
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Thus, it is a decision that must be re-think, according to me. However, we all should keep faith and trust in the decision of authorities. They’ll do for the larger good but considering the points that aims at postponing the exams will be good. So, whatever happens as a responsible citizen, everyone should take all the precautions possible. It is a decision between the lives of students or an academic year of the college.