Human beings are bound a lot of social and religious customs and firm ritual in the whole world but I am not against it. Both are right their own place but it creates the distinct between sexual. Such people forget that they are also part of nature and don't have right to insult or torture one another.

Nature teaches and Direct us, "Everything are equal, free to live with own style as unique and complete your ambitions and goals by yourself. It provides us so many best examples regard making alive happily from nature teachings as follows:


Water is a natural source that makes its own way, shaping itself into each vessel, while never forgetting its good behaviour for others and giving life to 100 billion people and each. It is coloured and colourless as per requirement and directions. No one can change the stream of water in any way by his own decision and force. The basic lesson from water is to be flexible according to your mind, not what others say.


The wind does not move according to the rules made by anyone. It moves according to its own will and provides life by giving oxygen to the whole world without any discrimination. That's why we get basic fundamentals lesson from the air that we should treat everyone equally and live together in solidarity.

Nature provides equal parts to each body according to its need because humanity and any part of nature should not be discriminated against, as well as it keeps the whole world alive by giving oxygen. From the above lines teaches us that you have to concern your dreams and life because you should be emitting and create positive opinion and ignore all negative thoughts which come from world when you are going to achieve your goals.

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