Sometimes late at night while lying down on my bed, done with a long day, I think to myself, what is the meaning of living and going through all the pain and suffering which I did not choose. There are days where I cannot figure out the reason of being alive. Is this the reason why I was born, to go through all the suffering?

Lying in the bed depressed, I ask to myself Why people are even born? Do they have some specific role to play in their lives or in other's lives? What is the role of humankind to exist? Are we just born to exploit earth and burn it down to ashes? And the questions go on and on and I can’t even answer single one of them. Can even anyone answer them?

We human being are the best thing that could have happened to the mother earth, at the same time we are the worst thing that could happened to this planet.

Since the inception of the human existence, we, the people of the planet have exploited the earth and dominated all other species which co-exists with us. As we are developing on a very rapid pace we are looking into a bright future but at the same time our greed is making us exploit our precious planet earth. There is no specific data even on internet to show case how badly we are treating our planet.

There are basically three major ways in which the earth is getting effected.

1. Air

2. Water

3. Land

As these three are the basic components which make up this planet. We have been exploiting and polluting these them on a very rapid pace which is going to result in depletion of resources for the future generation as well as danger to the existence of humankind.

From the very beginning of the planet, many species have already become extinct due to natural calamities but when we investigate the human and animal co-existing history we can clearly see that the rate of extinction of species is increasing day-by-day as human beings being on top of the food chain, they hunt down animals for personal greed.

As oxygen is the primary thing required for the existence of life. Humans have polluted air in ways like - deforestation, factories emitting harmful chemicals in the air, man made forest fires, construction of various infrastructure etc. According to the WHO statistics around 7 million people die around the world due to air pollution and it also shows that 9 out of 10 people breathe air that exceeds WHO guideline limits containing high levels of pollutants, with low- and middle-income countries suffering from the highest exposures. 

70 percent of human body is made up of water and 71 percent of the world is covered with water bodies. Water is also very essential for the existence. Over the years, people have managed to pollute water bodies in one or the other ways. Some of the most common ways in which water bodies are polluted are agriculture, sewage, wastewater, oil tankers spills, radioactive substance from the factories into the water bodies. According to WHO it is estimated that contaminated drinking water causes around 485 000 diarrheal deaths each year.


30 percent of earth is covered by land. Land is essential because we live on land and living on land is much easier than living on water. Over the years, land pollution has also increased by a rapid pace. Some of the major reasons for land pollution are deforestation, disposal of chemicals, overgrazing, pesticides etc. Some of the effects of land pollution are soil erosion, effecting human health, danger to other species as they can consume the waste disposed and face health issues. According to WHO around 16.5 million people die every year due to unhealthy environment conditions.


People believe themselves to be the one for whom the planet is created. Polluting earth is not going to affect mother earth as much as its going to effect the existence of humankind. Pollution is also causing damage to other species as well. Day by day different species are becoming endangered. The facts say it all. If we don’t take necessary and immediate steps or initiatives now, our future generations are the ones who are really going to suffer.

At this point of time, people are searching for a better future by destroying the present we already have. Every single person should take initiatives to keep his/her surroundings clean. After all small baby steps develop into something big. Companies should also innovate new sustainable ways to produce their goods and industries are one of the leading causes of pollution.

As in the beginning I did ask few questions which I still can't find answer to, but all I know is that every human being should feel lucky that they have a chance to see this beautiful world with their own eyes and feel the essence of the our heavenly planet.

.   .   .