Image by Seb Powen from Pixabay 

Everybody meditates over righteousness. Some discuss their own and some, about that of others. Isn't it? People keep discussing someone else's unrighteousness. There is no one who has never meditated over righteousness. Have you not meditated over it? But in true terms what does righteousness mean? Has anyone ever been able to understand it? Righteousness teaches man how to live with others and to live with the entire creation in peace. This is the reason why in the presence of righteousness, man always feels at peace. 

Have you not experienced it? In other words, righteousness ends all the struggles of man.

But how can it be possible for a man to not have any struggle with another? Perhaps you are thinking the same, right? So first think. Does struggle also exist in the presence of love? Your answer to this would be 'yes' but if you think a little more about it, you will know that when one struggles with something, one forgets about love. And then desires come to the forefront, arrogance, and anger come to the forefront but love? No. Love does not come to the forefront because when love comes to the forefront all arguments, all struggles, and all fights come to an end.

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay 

Just think, what if such love develops for the entire world? Not only for mankind but also for flora and fauna and even for a blade of grass if love is there in the hearts then can anger ever exist there? Certainly not. The feeling of love that exists in one person for another if that same love is extended to the entire creation then it is termed as compassion. Compassion, in other words, means accepting the entire world. To have nothing but love for everyone, to not protest against anyone. Compassion is truly the essence of righteousness. 

If righteousness is a tree, compassion is its basis and its root. But there are instances in life when man completely forgets the basis of righteousness. He clings to a few rules and traditions. But compassion? He forgets all about it. Is it not true? And the world gets permeated with struggles, with jealousies, with exploitation, with anger, with hatred! That is, with unrighteousness, with evil. This is the harsh reality that needs to be changed, right? But to make changes in it, you need to first make changes within yourself. Don't you think so? Think over it.

"The path you follow, you can only make others follow the same path".

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