Source: Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Expectation is the basis of all human relationships. How should the husband be? who fills your life with happiness, how should be the wife? who is always devoted to you and how should there be children? who serve you and obey your orders. Isn't it? You are able to love only those who fulfill your expectations. Is it not so? But, it is the destiny of expectation to be broken. How? Because expectation is born in your brain, nobody else can know about it. Even having a strong desire to fulfill the expectation, even then too, one cannot fulfill anyone's expectations ever. And when they cannot be fulfilled, from there conflict takes birth! This is the harsh reality. All the relationships are converted into conflict.

This happens to almost everybody, but have you ever thought why is this so? I guess no, because if you had thought out, no longer there would have been any conflict left. Now tell, do you not have any conflict with anyone? Hmm?

You always think that you are willing to have good and sweet relationships but others create conflicts, create bitterness may be knowingly or unknowingly. Don't you think so?

See, especially this chapter is only for those who would like to live a sweet life with all their relations. If you are one of them, only then you should go on listening further.

So, to remove all of your conflicts and revive sweetness, you just need to do only one simple practice and as I guess, there can be no such practice as simple as this.

To do this,

Firstly, suppose yourself in a very green garden where there are mango trees laden with ripe mangoes all around you.

Then, consider those trees to be your relationships.

Then, consider those mangoes to be all your expectations.

Now, think if I remove the first and the second condition applied, what will you do then in the garden? You will instantly pluck all those mangoes up and keep them with you to have a life surrounded with sweet ripe mangoes. Will you not do so?

Then why are you not plucking those mangoes up? Just because these are your expectations that you impose upon the trees of your relations? Hmm? Then how can you say that you are not responsible for the bitterness? Hmm?

See, expectations are not just that you want something expensive or money related from others. Expectations means that you expect anything from others including how others should behave, should talk, should meet, should listen, should be to you.

Now, do listen, 'just pluck all kinds of expectations from your relations and keep all yours to yourself only, then you will see what green changes this will bring into your barren going life'.

"Expecting something from others, shows your being uncontended".

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