Source: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Desires of your surroundings, hope, ambition, wrath, hatred and vengeance, these create prejudices within you. Is it not so?

Your parents, relatives, friends, etc. want you to give you the happiness of the whole world, but they give way to suffering. They want to give nectar, but at the same time, fill the pot of poison. Think about what have your closer ones given to you and what have you given to yours?

Surely love, knowledge, wealth, etc. were given, but at the same time did not give prejudices that fill the mind with filth, did not give predefined definitions of good and bad? Isn't it so? Hmm?

The struggle of the individual with the individual, of the societies with the societies, of the nations with the nations, is not created out of these prejudices? Murder, death, bloodshed, are not born out of these prejudices? No?

That is, your closer ones give you the gift of death along with the way to live, with the light of knowledge, they also give the darkness of hatred and whether the darkness is of mind, heart or actual, it obtains fear only, only fear.

So, what is to do? Should you boycott the company of your surroundings, your friends, your relatives and even your parents too? Nope, never.

If you do so, you will lose the joy of your life as piteously as the ignorance of a kid has been snatched. Then, should you give up the company of only those who develop prejudices within you? Haha (laughing), you cannot do this. Everything, everybody around you, does create prejudice, may be knowingly or unknowingly but, does.

Now (keeping the confusions aside), what you only need to do is, you must let all the prejudices go to hell no matter by whom they were made to strike to your mind and heart. And after doing so, you will be a man with no prejudice.

Hahaha (laughing again), sorry for that, but I know that you are thinking, "Saying is much easier than doing" and yes, it is true.

But my innocent dear, for your ease, I have a practice for you to be introduced.

So, if you actually want to be a man with no prejudice, keep a smile on your face no matter what the situation is. This practice is specially for the times when you come across with joy, fear, stress, anxiety, insecurity, extra happiness as well as anger. This is why, because whenever you are under such situations, this is the best time for any kind of prejudice to enter into your mind along with the heart. Can you do this?

As I guess, this cannot be a tough row to hoe. Can it be?

.   .   .