Source:  Jay Rembert on Unsplash

Your bullets riddled my little body,
Your bullets punctured my heart.
Your bullets broke my skull open,
Your bullets collapsed my young lungs,
Your bullets scrambled my bones and tissues,
Your bullets covered me with gushing blood,
Your bullets silence my childhood,
Your bullets stopped my growth.
Your bullets silence my family,
Your bullets all hope from their lives.
Your bullets have made my country shallow,
Your bullets have made our politicians narrow.
Your bullets have sparked rage in the people,
Your bullets have triggered the passion of the nation.
Your bullets have taken me away forever from the lap of my mother,
Your bullets have removed the support on the shoulder of my father,
Your bullets have made our system hollow,
Your bullets have shown to the world life is so shallow.
Your bullets have crushed our aspirations for future,
Your bullets have crumbled the walls of our support.
But your bullets have failed to answer this question
As to whom did you kill?
Did you not kill your own self?
Did you not kill your own humanity?
Did you not kill your own divinity?
Did you not kill your own prayers?
Did you not kill your own nation?
Did you not kill your own keen?
By killing me you destroyed the seed of the nation
Before even allowing that to germinate into a seedling,
That could have shaped the nation and your destiny in future.
But your bullets failed to nurture any life
And your bullets failed to deliver your intended fear
As we will stand up again,
And continue our march unabated for the brighter future. 

.    .    .