Prof Prafulla Chandra Roy
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Celebration of the 161st Birth Anniversary of Prof Prafulla Chandra Roy (Father of Indian Chemistry), better known as Acharya P. C. Roy and the founder of first chemical industrial unit of colonial India (Bengal Chemical) was conducted at Casa Dei Bambini Montessori House [90 A/B Beltala Road Kolkata 700026 West Bengal India 🇮🇳]. This has been a joint celebration of the I61st birth anniversary of Acharya P. C. Roy by Casa Dei Bambini, the Science Association of Bengal (SAB) and the Educational Counselling and Helping Organization (ECHO).

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One of the main objectives behind this program has been the fact that it is important to do science communication and build awareness among little children early in their life. It is important to demonstrate to them in simplest terms what science is and that it is a fun to learn science. It is this young India that we need to target for grooming our future generations to learn to become responsible citizen with respect for the nation and nature and empathy for the people. Introduction of basic sciences at an early age can help create a passionate mind and help in shaping the young minds with a logical and scientific approach. What could have been a better day to celebrate this than the birth anniversary of the Father of Indian Chemistry who worked tirelessly in his life to build a nation and a generation of worthy students who took India forward.

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Children of Casa Dei-Bambini celebrated 161st birth anniversary of Acharya P. C. Roy with eminent personalities, Prof S. Roychowdhury (Secretary, SAB) accompanied by his assistant Mr. Samar Bez along with agriculture-environmental scientist Saikat Kumar Basu and dedicated ECHO team members like Ms. Sutapa Bardhan and Ms. Tilottama Dey. Many of us will think what do they understand about Acharya P. C. Roy's work and life at the age of 2 to 5 years of age. But to experience it you have to come to Casa Dei-Bambini, working with 22 years in a Montessori House I have observed it "yes they can ", if you wish..and get yourself involved with them you too will believe it, mentioned Principal Santwana Basu.

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Today we created a very stimulating environment for the children, where they will learn and experience what is science? Who is a scientist? and how does it work ? we prepared the environment by inviting our guests like Saikat Basu and honourable Prof Roychowdhury. We started our day with 'OM chanting and then with a small presentation of dance and recitation. After that children were overjoyed when they experienced some live experiments with vegetable juice mixing with some chemicals and their reactions (it was all with harmless solutions) like lemon juice, white vinegar, potassium permanganate, iodine using plant materials like potato, carrot, beet root, banana peel and so on, narrated Ms. Santwana Basu.

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Dr. Montessori believed in Experiential learning and auto education, giving respect and getting respect in return, were ready to greet our guests with a smile and flower garlands. This is the way they learn to do or to create an eye that sees the world with a difference, a hand that creates and a head that thinks.. focusing on holistic development of a child.

We, at Casa Dei Bambini follows Dr Maria Montessori's vision to build up a child's life holistically. And we believe the journey they have started with us will be remembered it forever. Our journey start from known to unknown, simple to complex and concrete to abstract.. this is the way they learn and grow at Casa- Dei-Bambini. ‘It was a beautiful day…. and children enjoyed all the experiments and it went well’ suggested Principal Ms. Santwana Basu.

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Ms. Sutapa Bardhan, the Secretary of ECHO and a senior IT professional from IBM-India said, “Rich tributes were paid by the children of Casa Dei-Bambini, to Acharya P. C. Roy, eminent academician and founder of India's first pharmaceutical company on the occasion of his 161st birth anniversary”. On behalf of the Science Association of Bengal, Secretary, Prof S. Roychowdhury explained the life sketch of Acharya P. C. Roy in simple languages and Saikat Basu demonstrated sone beautiful experiments to trigger the scientific empowerment of the kids. The children were very happy to get an interactive break from their daily routine. They enjoyed the videos on the life and work of Acharya P. C. Roy.

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Ms. Bardhan mentioned that “….we ended our day with some musical performance... blessed to have such a beautiful day with all eminent guests and well-wishers with lots of love and showers of happiness for everyone participating in the program including students, teachers, non-teaching staff, parents, guests and other visitors. Ms. Tillotoma Dey, an ECHO member mentioned that “Each and every one in the school was EXCELLENT and made a difference to this program”. Prof Roy Chowdhury mentioned, “ The little ones were Angels . God bless them all”. Finally the teachers abs the Principal Ms Basu concluded by saying, “….and finally our hard work touched by the gracefulness, empathy and love from all our honoured guests abs visitors today has made this a place of worship for the kids who will slowly start their journey.”

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