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Since 1979, when there was a revolution in Iran and the United States was expelled from Iran, the United States, with the help of its allies, has always tried to force the country to surrender to the United States by creating a rebellion in Iran. Iran's military power in the Middle East has angered Both America and the Europe Union. According to the airwoman officials, the western democracies are trying to incite Iranian people to revolt against the current regime through both mainstream media sources and the strategic use of social media. Post-Islamic Revolution, Iran has no doubt transformed into a security state. But the tussle between the West and the Middle East with Iran is only resulting in the acute suffering of ordinary citizens. During the pandemic due to strong sanctions against the nation, Iran was not even allowed to import urgent medicines, vaccines, and masks from other countries legally. But Iran claims that she has made both medicines and vaccines for supporting her people in distress. The long-term ban on the entry of drugs and necessary medications for children and senior citizens resulted in monumental suffering for ordinary Iranians.

Iran feels that the world that the US wants for others is that of abject poverty and hunger, like politically unstable and underdeveloped countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. They feel that the western media never portrays the reality of Iran, and always highlights the negative sides to humiliate the current regime. The Western allies, on the other hand, consider Iran to be a belligerent nation that is always initiating proxy wars across the Middle East to establish its supremacy and challenge the current Middle East regimes with particular emphasis on Saudi Arabia. This battle of mistrust, misunderstanding, and lack of flexibility has been resulting in a deadlock in coming to any agreeable peace accord between Iran and its opponents. Both sides are inconsiderate of the security and geopolitical compulsions of the other side. Hence no meaningful dialogues between the two sides are taking place, while the ordinary citizens continue to suffer under the dreaded sanctions against the country.

Not many of us are aware of the fact that Iran has made significant breakthroughs in science, technology, and engineering. Iran has made commendable advancements in nuclear technology, aerospace engineering, space research, military technology, nanotechnology, agriculture, biotechnology, and medical sciences. a lot in air and space? The nation has unique drone technology that can rival a few of the most advanced western nations. Iran has achieved huge strides in designing and manufacturing her fighter jets, attack helicopters, missiles as well as advanced missile defense systems. Conventional Western media never reflect this. Iran is on the way to becoming an advanced military and geopolitical power in Asia. This is viewed as a significant threat to the current assets, economic and political power enjoyed by the US, EU, Saudi Arabia and her allies, and above all Israel.

We have to accept based on our similar experiences in other developing and underdeveloped countries; that both regional and global media do not accurately reflect the current scenario of the nation to the people of the world. Iran is unfortunately grossly isolated from the rest of the world. The strict Islamic rule and Shia dominance have further alienated the nation even from the very region it is a part of. Iran does not enjoy cordial relationships with any of its adjoining neighbors like Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan Pakistan, and Afghanistan. In the context of the hijab controversy in the country, the Iranian Govt claims to have established equal rights for male and female students in schools, colleges abs universities.

There is no doubt that there are many bright students and intellectuals in Iran and they are very capable. But in an Islamic country, men and worn have equal rights and opportunities is a bit difficult to digest.

Furthermore, there is huge sociology-economic dominance of social elites, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, army top brass, and Islamic clerics and imams on the life abs prospects of the public historically. Ordinary citizens in Iran cannot get similar opportunities as families of political beneficiaries, influential clerics, or people in the government. Iran also has strong opposition from the Sunni Muslim countries around and the region is fighting with one another for dominance. The poorest of the poor are the worst sufferers. No one cares for them. Iran is caught badly between the animosity and negative geopolitics of Western democracies and the rivalry between Islamic countries in the Middle East. This is a very difficult situation for the country. There is no doubt about the non-cooperative intentions of the USA and its allies, but unfortunately, Iran does not have good allies either. It is indeed a very difficult challenge for the current regime to bring a balance to the socio-political life of ordinary people. We sincerely hope that the poor ordinary people of Iran can stay safe and get peace and prosperity in the future, but based on present circumstances that seem to be a dream too far-fetched to take root.

Iran is the largest producer of saffron and pistachio in the world. Any agricultural product can be cultivated in Iran due to its multiple agro-climatic zones. But recently, because of the water issue, Iran has signed an agreement with Venezuela and Russia to grow water-rich crops abroad. The best rice in the world is grown in Iran. It can almost be said that all the citrus fruits, tea, legumes, and major food, feed, and agro-industrial products can be cultivated in Iran. To a large extent, Iran is self-sufficient in terms of agriculture. The most popular honey in Iran is natural honey. Of course, in recent years, it has moved towards commercialization. But many people still prefer to use natural honey, although it is much less available than commercial or industrial honey.

In terms of mining, Iran has mines of uranium, gold, silver, copper, zirconium, chromite, etc. Iran ranks among the top ten countries in the world in terms of natural resources. In terms of oil and gas, Iran has one of the largest reserves of oil and gas in the world. But yet due to wrong geopolitical strategies and due to lack of diplomatic compromises and accommodation, the country has been suffering badly both socially, economically, and politically. The long unrest across the nation is also pushing the country slowly towards abject poverty, bad recession, rampant anarchism, crude authoritarian rule, and a thoroughly mismanaged economy.

There is a high level of corruption in the government. The country's social, political, and military elites get the lion’s share of the oil profit, while the poor and underprivileged section of the society continues to suffer. The current regime emphasizes that all is good in Iran and that only foreign powers are causing trouble by interfering in the local politics of the nation. But there have been numerous cases of discrimination, torture, abuse, and exploitation of ordinary citizens in the hands of the current regime that is always kept suppressed as a state secret. But at the same time for those who have known Iran only from their media, it is difficult to know the real Iran.

Iran is separated from the world and has a serious geopolitical issues with Saudi Arabia fighting to dominate the Islamic world. But this equation has become highly complicated with the entry of Turkey into the equation of dominance. Furthermore, Israel is worried by open threats issued by Iran from time to time increasing the number of tentative enemies challenging the country. Iran has been deeply involved in the conflict zones of Syria and Yemen and has direct participation in the contagious Israel-Palestine conflict through Lebanon. At times, Iran has also made uncomfortable friendships with a global power like India, by making negative comments on various aspects of Indo-Pakistan relations over Kashmir. The Iranian government does not have a cordial relationship with the Taliban of Afghanistan as they are staunch opponents of ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups operating in the region. The volatile Kurdistan region is also behaving as a breakaway part from time to time with their underlying support for a great Kurdistan in the Middle East regional politics.

The unemployment rates are soaring high in Iran and this is one of the root causes of the current agitation, the loss of faith in the local government! The global geopolitics is dominated now by the US, EU, China, Russia, and India. Iran is one of the countries that attacked American assets and targets, and hence America feels threatened because it doesn't want different countries to come out of its control. Iran's current issue is security, and the enemy will soon be caught in the cold of winter and the energy crisis in the world due to the current Russia-Ukraine conflicts.

I hope all world crises will be resolved soon. Whether it's the food crisis in war-torn Yemen or the fuel crisis in Europe because only ordinary people are affected. May the world become a better place. Where judgment is based on humanity, not wealth. Didn't I bore you? If all the media in the world were neutral, there would be no conflict and bad judgment in the world. No wars would have been fought and poor and helpless people not killed and displaced from their homes. There is no such thing as politics. Everything is economy and economy. Strong countries exploit weak countries economically and call it politics.

When people are exploited regularly and the top government brass, politicians, bureaucrats, clerics, religious leaders, police, paramilitary, and army personnel are the sole beneficiaries milking the economy of the country to their maximum advantage, this is the consequence. Only blaming western countries and the media will not be able to sweep injustices under the carpet for the Iranian Government. The government has oppressed the common people for a long as it is the outburst of that suppressed anger, frustrations, and helplessness against rampant corruption, adultery, nepotism, and persecution of ordinary people protesting against injustice. Freedom is not just for religious purposes; but a fight for justice against oppression, repression, illegal abduction, custodial abuse, inhuman torture, secret targeted murders, and gross violation of human rights by security forces against their citizens.

Iran believes that the world is the same world that helped Iraq against her with all possible means during the eight years of the Iran-Iraq war. That world is based on capitalism and everyone must either be a servant of America or be hated. According to the Iranian media, the deaths of thousands of people around the world during the pandemic were not covered with a negative momentum as was done in the case of pandemic deaths in Iran simply to make the current regime look bad. The situation in Iran is making the US and its western allies increasingly nervous and worried about the future political vacuum in the region. But what western democracies fail to understand is the fact that pushing Iran on every aspect is only bringing her closer to an extremely belligerent China and Russia, forming an axis that can further endanger western interests in the not-so-distant future.

India canceled the embargo on its economic relations with Iran, but now it is back, and so are many other countries. But America does not like this. In society, the power of the media instills distrust in the government in order to make Iran look insecure with chaos. But on the other hand, the profit from both legal and illegal oil trades are flowing into the secret pockets of the social elites; while the poorest of the poor are starving to death. Anyone who criticizes the government is declared an enemy of the nation. The vast resources and economic power is restricted to the top 5% of the elite population of Iran; while 95% of the people are suffering from abject poverty. A nation does not simply mean a country and its borders, assets, and military, economic and political power only. A nation means a platform or an umbrella that provides shade and security to her people. A nation will cease to exist and crumble if that central supreme power; the core of which is represented by ordinary citizens of the country is oppressed. It is time for the Iranian government to drop the ego and look for opportunities to work for the people that make this great country and civilization. The nation is not to cater to the top 5% only; but also to the oppressed and underprivileged 95%, failing which will bring destabilization today or tomorrow.

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