Image by Quang Nguyen vinh from Pixabay 

The sun has been shinning
Once again on the forbidden and frozen landscape.
The snow of emotions and misunderstandings
Have been melting away;
And evaporating under the heat of the roaring sun.
Life looks better and full of joy once again.
The chirping calls of the birds,
The buzzing of the bees,
The nodding of the flower heads,
The passing of the cool breeze,
Lift my spirit
Pushing me once again
To look at the rosier side of life.
For a moment all the pain in life disappears.
The refreshing breeze and the cloudless sky reminds me
That life is brighter than frozen death,
Life is bigger than all possible imaginations.
And that life is full of happiness
Only if we wish to look at it
On a brighter and sunnier day. 

.    .    .