Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay 

Love is a promise that is based on mutual faith and respect
Love is a passion that is germinated by selfless devotion and trust
Love is a truth that is coated that is humbly earned through sacrifice
Love is a strength that is empowered by eternal bliss
Love is a pain that is produced by piercing the heart with a sharp needle
Love is an experience that is hidden behind the curtain of an enigmatic riddle
Love is a storm that is mightier than the greatest typhoon
Love is a gain that no one can define in words
Love is a loss that no epic can translate
Love is a hardship that is full of joy
Love is a source of energy stronger that a thousand suns
Love is a job that all want to join
Love is a dignity that is capsulated with humanity
Love is a tax that we all will love to pay in advance
Love is the dynamite that can shatter the most inaccessible mountain
Love is a tempest that is bolder than the mighty tsunami
Love is the warmth that is warmer than the fire in your hearth
Love is a force that can transform hatred into respect
Love is lightning that set fires to the hearts
Love is a most divine compassion
Love is a move that is strengthened by humanity
Love is a potion that is irritable to avoid
Love is a war that causes bleeding in secret
Love is a club that is like to be joined by all
Love is a rare gift that is adored by everyone
Love is the doom that is coated with darkness and gloom
Love is a dream that continues forever
Love is the light that shapes our life
Love is the perpetual peace at death that is achieved only through our life

.    .    .