Image by Julius Silver from Pixabay 

I had a dream last night
So vivid and explicit,
That it almost felt real.
I saw myself walking across my snug room
And then opening the window
To see the snow-cappedBlue Mountain outside my window.
A cool wind was blowing across,
And I was shivering in the cold.
But the mesmerizing beauty of the Blue Mountain
Did not allow me to move a single step further.
The scene was unbelievable!
A giant Blue Mountain was standing across a vast green valley
Dotted with evergreen conifers;
And withered giant trees stripped to their bare skeleton
By the cruel and torturing cold of the winter.
The edges of the mountain look sharp and still before my eyes,
With the determination of ages of resilience
Firm in its’ path with no hurry to run away,
Solid as the quality steel that holds together countless hanging bridged
Of the modern metros
But with calm compassion on the surface.
The Blue Mountain is not afraid of anyone or anything,
It has the strength of the centuries
In standing firm and still on its’ chosen path.
It does not want to create an easy path for anyone,
To access its’ towering heights,
Shrouded with age-old mysteries
And clouded shades of perpetual light and darkness.
The mystic mountain has been standing in its’ place for ages,
No one has been able to subdue it.
Nor has anyone been able to overpower its’ breathtaking and majestic beauty.
No one has been able to question its’ age-old authority,
No one has been able to challenge its’ unfathomable heights for centuries,
No artist has ever been able to capture the beauty of the mountain on the canvas
No mountaineer has dared to overcome the challenge of its eternal heights,
No adventurer has ever camped in the shadow of its edges,
No vagabond dared to spend the night in its’ dark and lonely caves.
The Blue Mountain has maintained its’ veil of silence,
And hidden its’ mystery and strength from all.
The icy cap that forms the crown of the towering mountain
Is its’ crown for the grand supremacy
That it enjoys over everyone else that survives in its vicinity.
The Blue Mountain is the pillar of the truth of our faiths and beliefs,
That remains hidden deep in our inner conscious
That teaches us to be firm.
But yet compassionate to others and everyone.
The sacred existence of the Blue Mountain in my dream,
Is a reminder of the reflection of the underlying solidarity of life.
That teaches us to respect every form of life and the existence of others
But yet to remain firm towards the goals of life.

.    .    .