Source: Saikat Kumar Basu

I am the unborn, I am the misfit
Discarded and discriminated;
Disliked even when I am not born,
Because I am a female fetus.
I have no opportunity to be born,
I have no right to exist,
I have no one who loves me and
I have no one who cares for me!

I have none to receive any empathy from
I have nothing to hang on for life,
I have no hands to hold me warmly and
I have nothing to live for in this world.
From the very day
My identity is revealed
I am destined to be an unborn.

The society spits at me,
My parents disown me
The world hates me and
My family wants me dead.
So I stay unborn, aborted
Wrapped in a bloody piece of cloth,
Dumped in a dirty dumpster!

I am dead before I am fully formed,
I am hated before I am fully shaped
I am disowned even before I am born;
I am discarded before I ever see my parents.
I am rejected even before
I even get a chance to glimpse at this world.

The saga of my life starts
When I am still inside my mother’s womb.
A tiny piece of flesh and bone,
But yet a reminder of pulsating life.
In my warm watery world,
I wait relentlessly for my termination.
Unborn and unformed
Because I am a female fetus.

While you glitter in the joy,
Of light and fresh air
I wait silently for my end.
I am even unable to cry,
As I am unborn and yet aborted.
While you celebrate the nature
My faint hearts stops beating,
With a cruel scissor chopping
My connection to life.
I am the unborn-
Because I am a female fetus!

.   .   .