Artwork by Soma Bhowmik
Picture by : Saikat Kumar Basu

An exclusive art Exhibition on Bird and Nature, entitled "Golok Dhadda" (Circular Puzzle) was organized between 10-12th August 2022 by Artist’s Canvas at the prestigious Ramkrishna Mission Art Gallery, Kolkata. This unique exhibition highlighted the public's education and awareness of nature, the ecosystem, and a wide spectrum of bird biodiversity across the planet. Indeed it was a platform where science and arts fused to give a new perspective to our understanding of arts and culture on one hand and the environment on the other.

One of the participating artists Ms. Soma Bhowmik, a familiar name in the art circle and who was felicitated at this suggested “…it is indeed a great opportunity for us as artists to connect to the public for such a unique exhibition where we are focusing exclusively on our ecosystem and avian members across the planet. I am proud to be a part of this not only for showcasing my artwork; but, to observe and learn from the work of other exceptional artists and how they connect with nature from their perspectives abs understanding of nature. It is important to create a regular bridge with the audience to help them understand and appreciate the rich planet with share with other living beings.” Indeed the gallery exhibition received sweeping attention from the audience a significant chunk being School, college abs university students who represent our next generation and must be sensitized about our fragile environment to become responsible citizens in the future.

Artist Soma Bhowmik felicitated for her bird artwork
Picture by:  Saikat Kumar Basu 

The spectacular diversity of artworks exhibited captured the rich diversity of ecosystems from both India and abroad. The images represented freshwater and marine ecosystems, deserts and vast plains, valleys, mountains, tropics, subtropics, temperate and polar habitats with the use of different colors. Birds such as eagle, hawks, kites, owls, vultures, crows, ravens, falcons, bulbuls, sparrow, parakeets, macaw, cuckoos, pigeon, dove, mynah, kingfishers, common iora, blue peafowls, ducks, geese, cranes, storks, jungle fowls, pelicans, hornbills, toucans, finches, barbets, tree pies, crow pheasant, jungle babbler, tailor birds, orioles and woodpeckers were the eye-catchers. Mammals captured commonly on ecosystem-based nature-themed images include tigers, lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild cats, leopard cats, fishing cats, deers and antelopes, rabbits avid hares, squirrels, elephants, bats, wild ass, snakes, marine and freshwater fishes, crocodiles and turtles. Spectacular pictures of flowers from various biomes were eye-catchers. Furthermore, several arts exhibited pollinators like bees, butterflies, moths, beetles, flies, wasps, hornets, and ants. The exhibition primarily captured our rich global, regional, and local ecosystems, and the spectacular biodiversity of forests, birds, and other species.

Why is such an exhibition important from perspectives other than the promotion of art and culture? It is because of the dissemination of education and awareness among the public about nature abs biodiversity. It is most important for us to realize under the current global circumstances that environmental sensitivity is a serious international issue. It is not always possible for scientists, researchers, academics, conservators, foresters, and ecologists to always cater to the public through a conventional approach such as interviews, lectures, articles, and demonstrations. But a picture shares 1000 words in its form.

With Swamaji , Artist Biman Nag and Soma Bhowmik at the inauguration
Picture by: Saikat Kumar Basu

Thus we must realize that arts and crafts could be an effective way of communicating about both science and environmental issues, forest, wildlife, and biodiversity conservation, and exploring various rich ecosystems of our planets. I extend my heartiest congratulations to the organizers and RK Mission Gallery for hosting such an outstanding art exhibition dedicated to nature, ecosystem abs avian biodiversity and for creating positive impacts on the public. It is a platform where arts and nature have fused to design an entirely new perspective and narrative helping people to realize the beauty of the planet on which we live abs to appreciate the species that we co-inhabit with.

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