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Stress is the most common word of today's world. It's the easiest expression of one's mind. In today's world, even a child says he/ she is stressed out. A student when unable to score well becomes stressed; an employee when deprived of the promotion becomes stressed, etc. 

When we want something to happen and it doesn't happen according to our wish then we start feeling stressed out. But why should all the things happen according to us? Why all should follow our instructions? Is it not we the reason of our own stress? 

But what is stress? Have you ever tried to find out the main reasons behind this? 

Actually stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. It can be any type of change that causes physical, emotional or psychological strain. 

There are three types of stress: acute, episodic acute and chronic stress. 

When stressed we feel threatened, our nervous system responds by a flood of stress hormones including adrenaline and cortisol, which rouse the body for emergency action. Our heart starts pounding faster, muscle tightens, blood pressure rises, breath quickens and our sense becomes sharper. If such activities continue then it can contribute to serious health problems such as heart diseases, high BP, diabetes and other illnesses including mental disorders such as depression or anxiety. Some people may feel like sobbing or sometimes crying loudly while some may experience feelings of irritability or anger. 

In order to keep ourselves away from such situtaions, we should learn to practice 4 'A' i.e., Avoid, Alter, Accept and Adapt. 

Any situation that sometimes can lead us to serious adversities should be avoided. Or else we should find any alternate ways to face the situation. But it depends whether the alternate ways are suitable or not. 

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For the peace of mind, one should learn to accept everything that is happening in one's life. But the acceptance should be in a positive way. Because if you accept it in a compromising manner, then again you will find yourself in the pond of stress. Though it's not so easy for everyone to accept whatever is happening in their life, still they should give more effort in learning to overcome the situation in a positive manner. 

Many a times, we don't feel comfortable while working with others. It may be due to their behavioir, mode of communication, their mindset, etc. In such cases instead of taking stress, one should try to talk to the other person and ask them to change their behaviour. Not only they should be asked to change themselves but also you should walk some steps further towards the changing of the behaviour. 

Instead of keeping quiet, one should try to talk openly and discuss the problems so that all can reach to one solution. Don't try to cook your own recipe in your own mind! Discuss the problem and try to sort it out. 

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Believe in yourself, then only all will start believing you. Stress can be reduced only through positive attitude, positive thinking and positive living. 

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