Meditation is an art and technique used mainly to heal your mind and body and attain enlightenment. Many believe that meditation can be practiced only by sages or people who are on their spiritual journey. On the contrary to popular belief, meditation can be included as a necessary part of an individual’s daily routine. Healers often tout meditation as a practice to get rid of depression, misery, and anxieties.

As per modern researches and experience, meditation will allow you to overcome heartbreaks, increase daily productivity, and achieve your life’s objectives. Today’s meditators call meditation a means the food for your soul. The way to live a better life is no longer a far-fetched idea. What are you waiting for? To get started, all you'll need is a quiet place. Sit with your legs crossed and close your eyes, or you can lie down in a comfortable position.

Take a long deep breath, inhale and exhale. Repeat this practice. In the beginning, the chances are that several thoughts will pop up in your hyperactive mind. However, avoid getting involved with a thought for too long. You'll observe that while several thoughts running across your mind can leave you feeling overwhelmed otherwise, with your mind focused on your breath, it will be easier for your mind to discard unwanted thoughts more easily. As soon as you notice your mind wandering off to a thought, bring it back to your breathing. You can start by allowing your mind to stay still for five minutes daily.

It will take 2-3 days to fall into this pattern. Meditation can increase compassion, self-awareness, self-esteem and thereby help us to become better human beings.

An outer circumstance can seem like a burden if held by our minds for too long. Holding a piece of emotional baggage for extended periods can worsen our performances and torment us. At times, this can distract us from the task at hand and crumble our happiness. Meditating daily can allow us to let go while helping us to focus and feel enthusiastic about little things.

Although the advancements in Information Technology are creating an illusion of our lives becoming happy and fulfilling, the increase in screen timing harms our health. Moreover, nowadays, our lives are filled with mental triggers and unnecessary chaos. While waking up to our alarm's sound can seem vital in the short run, it can cause stress by creating havoc inside your body and mind. Similarly, checking notifications on your smartphone in short intervals can fill your brain with negative emotions and force you to fall into the 'trap of procrastination'. Meditation can decrease the results arising from such stress boosters while keeping you young.

Meditation is a panacea for today's millennials, entrepreneurs, and sandwiched generation. By boosting your energy levels and clearing your mind, meditation can trigger the vagus nerve. As a result, your brain will be able to release relaxing and positive emotions more quickly and easily. It works great when it comes to eliminating workplace stress.

If someone is diagnosed with depression or long-lived anxiety issues, meditation can act as an antidepressant and reliever. By increasing the prana level within a person’s body, meditation can help a person feel more energetic.


To wrap up, if you're someone who is suffering from insomnia, fluctuating blood pressure levels, or low immune response, it's time to bid 'adios' to pills. Meditation can be a great cure due to its healing properties. If you're a beginner, you can check out the guided meditation programs on YouTube that are available free of cost. However, you can meditate on your own by listening to peaceful sounds or keeping your mind still. 

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