Since centuries, stress is very frequently occuring stimulus in everyone's life and we all experience bad from the stressful situation but with the course of time we tried to find out the ways to get rid from these Stress, Stressors and Stressful situation. Different of peoples have different of ways like exercising, dancing, music etc. as distracting agents. There's also a technique which is pleasant and embracing to everyone and that is "Colour Technique". This colour techniques have answers of every unpleasant conditions and emotions like Anger, Grief, over-confidence so on and so forth.

This is not new invention or practice as this is coming from decade to decade with definite parameters like Rainbow have it's fixed seven colours, light have same seven colours that's VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red). These are Primary one who made without any composition. As these colours have their own wavelength, Intensity, Balance and Imbalance.

Colours and their works-

Violet- Response for Intuition, Imagination, Self knowledge, Meditation & Artistic quality.

Imbalances- Anxiety, Sleeping difficulty, Depression and lack of memory.

Indigo- Stimulates self-responsibility, Inner strength, Visualisation, clairvoyance, etc.

Imbalances- Rigid thinking, poor vision, Migraines, Nightmares

Blue- Focus on calmness, communication, honestly, self-esteem, appreciate beauty.This colour is brought up from sky and water as they have no partiality to anyone , self-sufficient and enormous to everyone.

Imbalances- Sore throat, problem with neck/ shoulder/ throid, difficulty to express feelings.

Yellow- This helps in mood lightened brought up from Dawn which increases fun, personal power, intellect, logic and creativity.

Imbalances- Helplessness, Difficulty to finish task, digestive problems.

Orange- Stimulates productivity, pleasure, optimism, Enthusiasm, Emotional balance, etc.

Imbalances- Despair, Urinal tract, Infertility, Kidney problems, etc.

Red- Increases Physical energy, Stamina, Grounding, Spontaneity, Stability and passion

Imbalances- Low self-esteem, anger, over-confidence, lower back pain, Arthritis, Tiredness.

These imbalances depends upon the wavelength of each colour. For example- you are using too dark yellow around yourself then it make you irritated, same with red and so on. By knowing the balances and imbalances of each colour peoples are getting aware about the importance of each. To take an example of a student who is preparing for competitive examination. He used to spent almost 16 hours in his studies, he really works hard but still he lacked his marks, whenever he went for studies his mind about to procrastinate for studies and asked him to do later. He measured all the things where went wrong then he realised that the colour of walls is very dull . He rapidly painted his wall from dark blue to light blue and lime yellow. From the same day, he was focused , dedicated, passionate and excited to study. This was the magic of colour.

This colour tactics not only in modern era although it is coming from our ancestors. Like if we move towards healing and spiritual activities then there too we'll see the same that our seven Chakras have seven functions, with same seven colours that run along the spine.

Our first Chakra that is ROOT CHAKRA symbolised with Red colour.
Second Chakra, Sacral Chakra have orange colour
Third chakra, Solar plexus recognised with yellow colour.
Fourth Chakra, Heart Chakra that cover Green colour
Fifth Chakra, Throat Chakra shows with blue colour
Sixth Chakra, Third eye with Indigo Colour
Seventh Chakra, that is Crown Chakra indicate with Violet colour.

These seven Chakras have defined seven colours these colours help them to unblock Chakras when they get blocked and we can easily unblock the Chakras by doing Meditation, Visualisation and Art work.

In the above scenario, we saw that our healing procedure have colour too. And our mood stability , Physical fitness and Mental fitness revolves around these.

This way we can let ourself how colours regulates our whole body system.

If we talk about how to make out these colours in our day-to-day life then we can use these below listing creativities.

MANDALA ART- Mandala art is very scientific art that have several of configurations, symbols and it need attention, patience , excitement imagination and colour (as per your mood).

Mandala Art is no longer a colouring book with intricate patterns but it is also a way like Yoga, Meditation and Calming Therapy. In Schools and retreat center Mandala art is frequent common and it is very beneficial for every age students to make their memory sharpen, to boost concentration power. Mandala art have many geometric patterns which are said to represent the cosmos metaphysically. As per newly research , Mandala become the tool which induce calmness and healing tool. This would be too surprising that Mandala also helps in to cure chronic disease like Epilepsy, Low Blood Pressure, Jerky hand movements are also controlled by doing daily practice of this art. This start from basic to high as per your comfortability you can go for any level as the beginners use very simple then slight hard and so on and so forth.

There's also an alternative for those who have vision issues for painting. And this too no requirement for perfection this is just only to express your inner views, your emotions, your guilty that inexpressible. These colours have their own beauty, own significance. Although there's a myth and less acceptance for this practice. Actually it works instantly and have no drawbacks, no retention after opting. As per human Psychology we appreciate and welcome things only which comes by facing huge difficulty and labour. But this is very soothing, frequent, simple to follow.

As "Life Have Colours, and Colours Have Life".

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