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During the past few centuries, men have seen a drastic change in the environment, in the climate and more over in our lifestyles. Some of these changes failed to sustain their tropical appeal, while others left indelible footprints on the sands of time. There is a major release of carbon–dioxide and other greenhouse gases that have trapped innumerous amount of heat in the atmosphere causing it to be warm, this is called green house effect and it is nature who has suffered all our misdeeds for an aeon of years. This warmer climate has affected water supply, agriculture, power, and transportation system, and moreover, the nature environment and even our own health and safety. This disastrous change seems to ring the alarm of some of the activists like Greta Thunberg, Licypriya Kangujam, etc. It is said that "what happens once may never happen again but what happens twice will sure happen thrice, so, why don’t we put in an effort to stop it from happening thrice". There are fossil fuels being pulled out every hour and burning of which is releasing heavy clouds of polluting gases.

We have seen the glaciers, the icebergs melt, which is resulting in floods, submergence of islands, polar bears extinguishing as they are getting tired of swimming long distance as a result drowning and also increase in the temperature of the Earth.

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The answer is too obvious to merit discussion. We need a model of development which while offering us less glamorous and glitzy results than the present one is more enduring and good for everybody’s future.

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The factories that have mushroomed across the world throughout the 20th century have encouraged immense release of this degrading gases resulting in dramatic and potential rise in the environment. Hence men should be more practical and install purifiers in the chimneys to cut down the environmental depletion to some extent.

It is of no use to preach about this issue anymore, by now, it should be running in our veins the slogan to save the environment from the hands of our very own tribe. Moreover, if we grow the same forest size that has been fired few months ago, we could cut down considerable amount of carbon from the environment that has been added. Being from a countryside gives me the privilege to add the point which nearly every person forgets to, that is setting up campaigns for the indigenous people in the rural countryside, letting them know about population control and the climate change issue, cause one major cause of this change is illiteracy. Only if, we let the people know what we are undergoing then only will they act. There is no action without instigation.

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Earth could warm up to 7.2 degree Fahrenheit during the 21st century if we need to act now and reduce the emission of burning fossil fuels. We need to adapt to change and mitigate certain social and environmental practices according to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change if we want to see varying change in the environment and prevent this century from experiencing the worst effect of climate.

Humans collectively have the ability to transformations in the physical as well as natural worlds. So, leaders, citizens, and all the people of this planet with courage, leadership and moral compassion let’s make the world a better place, TOGETHER.

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