Although every aspect of life is badly affected by this Global pandemic Corona virus, But the education sector across the globe and especially in India is gone on it's worst ever level because of the Covid-19.

From the existence of human on the universe, the teaching process is always being made possible by these sources; An environment friendly institution, Teachers, Class-Room, black/ white board and other related things.

But right now, the relationship between students, teachers and all other important elements comes in between broken by this pandemic. The Pan's paper bond is over, and students spends their most of the time on laptop and mobile phones, which is sometimes regarded as addiction among the students. But it is necessary now after the educational institutions are being closed the innovative ideas are buried under bad habit. Even though, the classes work shifted to online mode to make it possible as much as they can, but this mode is not seeming favourable in education system. Although, some Mobile applications (which are used for teaching process) are very good, but not enough to makes the students satisfied. It is really difficult to understand (what is being taught) through online mode. Because students seem very much interested in Gaming, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube (for watching movies) Instagram and other apps, rather than focusing on Google Classroom, Zoom, Wise App and other things related to teaching process. Through offline mode, it was very simple and easy to understand because there were always opportunities to interact directly with teachers and understand the circulating problems of mind. One more thing is that many students belong to far flung areas have very poor internet connectivity, and some have not even mobile phones, so it's impossible for them to keep in touch with online classes, current affairs, and technology. It can be said that this is the dark period for students’ community, and probably for the future of the country. 

The students are nowhere near to that what they show be. The young minds should be trained in such a way that can lead the nation in the future. But the years 2020-21 badly hit their plans and dreams. Now it looks like they are going absolutely nowhere, their career has been damaged, their dreams have been demolished. Those who were eyeing on UPSC and other competitive exams, can't even qualify Class 4th exam, which is a matter of serious concerns. 

Keeping in view all these circumstances, we can't accept that our country will produce someone like Dr A.P.J Abdul kalam and Dr C.V. Raman. Because the scientific ideas in the mind of students always comes with observation and experiment. which is not possible without having Liberties and other scientific tools in the home. It can only be possible in educational institutions. A question always keeps circulating in my mind, why we are way back in scientific world? It's been so long since we haven't produced a dependable mathematician or physicist who can represent our country in scientific world, who can think about Supermassive black holes and other such big issues. Even though we have some name, but we should have those who can bring revolution in scientific world like other countries. But this all can be possible if students will give some time to books, if they will solve numerical with the help of pen and paper rather than calculator, if they will spend their most of time on liberties and library rather than in gaming and other things. But can't say anything, because when walls are up and window are down, this can't be a solution either. Hopping for the best, May Almighty God helps everyone in this worst period. 

Hope very soon, this lockdown and Global pandemic will come to an end and all educational institutions will function same way again.

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