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What is meant by Self-satisfaction?

Self-satisfaction means inner satisfaction. In other words, if we are doing certain work and after doing that work we feel so happy, so excited then this happiness is due to inner satisfaction.

The necessity of being self-satisfied

Self-satisfaction is one of the important aspects that leads to a successful and healthy life. If you are not satisfied with the work you do or with the goals that you have set to become successful, then those goals or that work becomes a burden and you start to take tension, work under pressure, no longer enjoy working or your journey towards your success in life, thus leading to depression and many health issues.

No doubt that you have worked so hard on that project or goals, but if you are not happy doing that work and just working to keep others happy or support your family financially, then soon you will start feeling depressed and seeing yourself sad, depressed, and under pressure, your families too will remain unhappy.

It is very important to stay self-satisfied and happy in life no matter what situation you are facing, or what crisis you are facing. Staying happy and self-satisfied gives you a different kind of strength to fight the crisis that is being faced by you.

It is often said that " Situation is affectless without your action" which means if you stay happy, every hard situation you face will be felt like it's teaching you something and its good for you but if you are upset, the same situation will feel like its killing you.

Here, the happiness which you are experiencing while facing a crisis is due to you being self-satisfied in life. There's a simple equation to be successful in life that is


So, just follow your heart, do what you want to do in life, and stay happy forever by being self-satisfied