India, being a developing country is progressing daily in many streams of technology. Contributing towards our developing nation, I would like to join my hands by making the people aware about the menstrual cups (especially females). Instead of making use of sanitary napkin, females in their menstrual period should make use of menstrual cups which will make your periods a pad free periods. The females which are belonging to rural areas even don’t make use of sanitary napkins because they cannot afford it. This is the best solution for all the females during their periods. Menstrual cups has the following advantages:-

  • No odour
  • Low cost, affordable for both poor as well as middle class people
  • No leakage
  • Low weight, easy to carry anywhere
  • Environment friendly/ Eco friendly
  • Hygienic, no harm or side effects
  • Reusable / long lasting
  • Comfortable

Once you buy the cup, it can last long upto 10 years and even more if stored properly. Many females face problem of rashes near the pubic area after the usage of sanitary napkins. These cups keep us away from the diseases caused by menstrual infection.

Disadvantages of sanitary napkins/ tampons:-

  • Can leak, if not wore properly
  • Environment foe
  • Very costly
  • Unhygienic
  • Releases odour
  • Disposal issues after usage


It has a very simple technique to use. Take a menstrual cup, rinse it with a little warm water. Fold the menstrual cup once and insert it into your vagina. After going inside, it will open up automatically. Relax for 8-10 hours. After a time period, take the cup outside by the stem and discard you menstruate inside the toilet. Again, wash it with the warm water and re-insert it inside. After your periods get over, wash it, dry it, and store the cup in a cloth bag. Again, make use of it when you need it another time. Still if the method is not clear to you, there are videos available on Youtube, which will make all your concepts clear about the product. These cups are only available in the virtual market/ online market. The cost of the cup varies according to the size of the cup, but the cost is not more than 600-700. This price is a lot way lower than the 10-15 years sanitary napkin’s price.

By making you all know about these cups, I want to bring the change in the society especially in the rural areas because this is a major concern of our females. Awareness programs should be held to make the females aware about it. As it is environment friendly, it helps in controlling pollution. I hereby insist every female individual to understand the concern regarding menstrual cup and make use of it and spread it upto maximum people.