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We live in a world where everything has its own price. It’s fast-moving. We have things beyond imaginations and little like from the Sci-Fi movies. Yeah, this is a wonderful place to live in.

But, with every new thing invented or discovered, we invite new challenges- it’s a given nature of things. In this ever changing world, there are things that have never changed. It exists in some or the other form, here in society, in our lives and in time.

Culture and customs seems to be fading away from the modernised civilisation. We still have it in the walls and pages of Arts since centuries. Written documents that hold a multiverse of thoughts for a better lifestyle to be led in this world. And more more getting written- how far are they reached?

A better place to live in? Where do we find that? Or how are we going to create that?

We’ve seen, heard and learnt about a lot of distinguished personalities who fought and represented the voice of people. And still we fight for the same, after they left a better place from where they lived- we fight for that same that prevails in another form. Racism, gender discrimination, supression of the weak sections in the society and a lot more problems in the world still are still the barriers to a lot more dreamers.

Of course, it is obvious for the challenges to exist in one’s way and all that matters is how one deals with it. But for how long a girl cannot do something just because she was born a Girl?! It’s something to think over in this era.

Sexist jokes are getting more generalised and reactions to it from women are considered “overactive.” It gets labelled as “all the women are the same.” Which is not so in the case of men who wrong the principles set, rather “not all men are the same, only a few of them are so.” Leave alone jobs, daily chores getting categorised based on the gender still exists in some parts of the same updated world.

The way a fellow member in the society gets treated still depends on the race, ethnicity and social standards that they belong to. Everything turns out to be judgemental. The way of perceiving things shall differ from person to person, but marking/ categorising based on personal opinions and spreading it- such people don't think before they act rather hurt people.

This is what we call “The Civilised, Modern World” where we live. The 21st century has seen drastic changes in climate, geography and the demography in various parts of the world. Innumerable types of diseases have originated and spread even leading to pandemic situations. And we are still working on creating a better place.

I remember wondering why is the world like this? Was it the previous generation that did not fight enough? Or us, in the present not carrying it in the right way? Then I realised that there is no right or wrong way in carrying out things. It is that only what does the maximum benefit to the overall stakeholders in the society is considered. Nobody knows what exactly things lead to, it’s all a generally accepted trial and error system. Most of what we do is having the future in stake, rarely we think about the present.

Everyone now has some problem with their mind. Mental problems are something that has become universally relatable. There are traumatic experiences that couldn’t even be shared to one’s own parents/ partner. We find it difficult to shut the scream of our soul from our mouth while crying so hard. How the person copes with it and balances the regular life, is that strand of thread for a way out of it.

Not even one's own mind is a better/ safe place to live in. There need not essentially be a place that is better, unless we feel better about ourselves. So, creating or working towards a better place is not what we are solely responsible for. But we must remember that even a single step ahead could change anything for the better.

A little bit of understanding among the people- understanding that we all suffer, suffer some sort of problem on our own that may or may not seem significant to any other. Moreover, the size of the problem is not the issue rather the effect that leaves the person facing more challenges is. So that we do not add on to the chaos in each other’s mind/ disturb their peace of mind.

So, in pursuit for a better place to live- there might not be any other planet as lively and full of zest as Earth. We have nature feeding us and the time growing us, teaching various aspects of life. Balancing the human interaction mechanism is unpredictable, which makes it unique and interesting. Afterall, what is life without having a little bit of conscience and humanity in heart?

Hope- let’s just hope and take even a single step to weather the rock on our way and bring out the voice of the people, who need to be heard. Because a little bit of hope can drive one insane to get what s/he wants. Just, HOPE!  

Image Credit - Priya

~ Priya, the Ray. 

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