Image by Mary Pahlke from Pixabay
“We can’t build future for our youth but we can build youth for the future ”rightly said by Franklin Roosevelt. 

If the youth of today would become the criminals of tomorrow..! Who would be responsible? What will be the country’s condition? There’s no need to clarify it indeed. I, the citizen along with the youth of this culturally diverse country ‘Bharat’ firmly reveal that despite elevating the moral level of youth, our Society i.e. family, school or Society of adults as a whole put emphasis on our academic development more a materialistic development. Isn’t this a misfortune indeed? I’d not define morality here by associating it with Unity, love, truthfulness or forgiveness, etc. I’d rather love to reveal why we, the leaders of tomorrow are morally so debilitated. 

Now you people may ask hey, isn’t academic achievement good for a prosperous country as good literacy gives access to good jobs which results in good economic development ! Here I’d like to counter the best thing for a holistic development of a country is it’s moral or civilised youth. Will materialistic development create peace? Will it create unity and love? No, indubitably. Why in our country everyday we hear and see in the news channels that an adolescent raped a minor girl? Why everyday we witness that an 18 yr committed suicide? Why we witness everyday that a university student murdered his parents and fled with the treasure? Why? It’s because our life is full of immoral things. It’s because we have lacked to learn the good things and our society has lacked to show us good society.

Today, more than 80% youth are in depression it’s because the society whether parents, teachers have forget somehow to inculcate moral aspects in us through their efforts and most importantly actions. The everyday conflict among parents has resulted in the devastation of child’s life who feel to be alone and feel to be without moral control. This division and contradiction of parents has let the young either to take drugs or to commit suicide. This is really misfortune of we as a whole. We are being asked hey if you won’t score highest you have to leave home? What’s this? Is it an initiative towards moral development. No, this results in moral degradation, the young feels helpless, he or she remains in anxiety and ultimately takes horrible step of self killing. Isn’t this crap? Would it result in great nation?

Would it make a happy country? I’m a youth and I can’t tell the reason of my moral degradation because I’m also among them who loves to spend more time with mobile phone. 

I’m one among them who is intolerant, I’m one among them who becomes often rude with the adults. I’d say firmly it’s the need of hour for our builders, leaders to contemplate on our moral upliftment because, we the youth are immensely inclined in self exhibition and it’s natural at young stage. Once someone told me if your leaders are moral, the youth would become moral when they will imitate. Morality of leaders, head of the family, society would force them to adopt right conduct. But what if in your country these sections I. e leaders, heads are committing crimes themselves and it’s proven in data though? Won’t immorality conquer our youth? Stop here and contemplate“ 

There is no justice in the laws of nature, no term or fairness in the equations of motion. The universe is neither evil, nor good, it simply doesn’t care. The stars don’t care, or the sun or the sky. But they don’t have to! “WE “ Care!

There’s light in the world and it’s us so stand up youth, introspect, reincarnate yourselves and go back to Vedas

Jai Hind.

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