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John f. Kennedy has rightly said,

"All of us don't have equal talent, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talent".

Being the youth more the citizen of this diverse country "Bharat", I believe equal chance leads to success. No two people can have same abilities but distinction in their abilities don't put them close to success. It's an equal chance when provided to them, they find a way of attaining success as they get a chance to showcase their talent. Talent of a person is useless till he is not able to develop it, till he doesn't get a chance to showcase it. For getting feat through his talent, a person needs a way, a guide, and more an opportunity.

I firmly believe, if the people of one country are able to develop their talent, they get an equal opportunity, the country will flourish indeed. I'd like to make my stance more clear to you ardent readers and I'd like to give an instance of great leaders of our country Indira Gandhi and Manmohan Singh both were inclined in politics and possessed great and distinct leadership qualities and ultimately become successful leaders. Just ask yourself what gave them success, their capability or an equal opportunity?  Obviously, an equal opportunity paved a way for their success as they got a chance without any discrimination on any basis.

Dear fellow citizens, our preamble also states,

"Equality of Status and of opportunity and to promote among them all". 

I want to dispatch one thing here providing equal opportunity only isn't enough for success of all, one needs to keep the distinct conditions of people in mind while providing them equal opportunity. Yes, I'm talking about a kind of protection in the form of reservation. For instance, if you are providing a chance to all to participate in a race competition and you get registration of a lame person as well. 

What will be your approach? Would you give same approach to a normal as well as that lame person? Would you give equal time to both of them to compete in the race? If yes, won't it create inequality? Yes, indeed it will create inequality and equal opportunity will lose its weight because both of them have different ability of dealing with the competition. Although they get same chance but the physically disable one requires special attention to make him parallel with the rest normal peeple to cope with the difficulty of competition. 

If equal opportunity will be given keeping in mind such things, we will not only get developed people but a prosperous country as well. A layman can ask a question here, Talent is enough to get success, we can find opportunity by ourselves, if we have talent to display, what is the need of equal opportunity then? I'd like to dispatch here that I'm a good speaker, what if I will be denied of speaking? How I will find my way to develop my talent? It's very common sense in case of absence of equal opportunity, there will be only wastage of talent which is the curse for a country. 

Imagine readers, what if only a few people in a country would get a chance to apply for public employment not all? What will occur? Will the country prosper? I will say a big 'NO'. Remember during British India and before the 1853 Charter Act, Indians were being denied of covenanted civil services, although they were eligible but were being denied of this opportunity. In fact, when they excelled in the examination after getting a chance to apply for it, Britishers dismissed them in middle like that of Surendranath Banerjee first in June 1869, then in 1871 which became an obstacle for such talented people to prosper. 

Ardent readers, Remember the time when the daughters of this soil were restricted to get education despite their abilities and were not allowed to go out of home on their own convenience. Although even today, conservatism has restricted the girls to live freely in many areas but after independence, these daughters have got an opportunity to prove themselves and flourish. They have touched the sky heights. Do you know how this happened? What is the reason of their success? It's obviously due to an equal opportunity they got, it's obviously due to the opportunity of getting education, it's obviously due to the opportunity of living freely like that of men, it's obviously due to the opportunity of applying for any exam, any competition. It's because of the insertion of Article 14, Article 15, and Article 16 in our Constitution. 

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Ardent readers, remember the time when Shudras were only meant for dirty works, when they were being denied of getting education and going for their desirous work. Do you remember that India now sees today how these Shudras are getting prosperity? They are cracking major exams or I'd say toughest exams like Civil services. A big instance I'd like to give is Tina Dabi and Ria Dabi. Just ask yourself how this happened? Was it their talent which lead them to success? I'd say it was an opportunity they got, an opportunity to apply for the exam, an opportunity to live freely. Imagine if such talented girls would have been not given this opportunity what would have happened with their talent? Obviously, their talent would have go in vain. 

Such girls are getting success not only because of their capabilities or talent but because of an equal opportunity, because of insertion of Article 17 in our Constitution, because of insertion of Article 15(4). Some diversion persuades me to state although our country is becoming prosperous as all are getting opportunities to develop their talents but a question strikes in my mind, Are such successful people morally successful as well. They have got an equal chance to flourish but is their success morally helping the country as well? These may be divergent questions but they don't let me to be silent. 

If such successful people are morally supporting the country then why a six-year-old girl became a rape victim in Hyderabad recently and there was no action from such people? Then Why a 19-year-old Dalit boy was shot dead by upper caste members because he wished to offer pooja in a Mandir in Domkhera, UP and there was no action from such successful people? My dear fellow citizens, there are thousands of such people being denied of the opportunity of living freely and of developing their talents. There are thousands of girls still struggling to get education. They are locked in their own homes and their talents are still being regarded as useless. We really can't ignore such facts. It's true equal opportunity has opened a way for success for all irrespective of caste, colour, creed, race and gender but it's we, who try to curb this opportunity of people by not letting them utilise it. 

Dear fellows, Stop here and Contemplate if the law of land "Constitution", the king of kings has bestowed us with equal opportunity to showcase our talent, then why our own fellow citizens are trying to snatch this blessing from their own people? Isn't it a misfortune? Yes, obviously it's. Hey, my fellow citizens, although equal opportunity is the way for success and it's conspicuous, we have got it but being the citizens of this pious land it's our duty to check whether this opportunity is accessible to all citizens of our country or not? Whether parents of an ambitious daughter are letting her use this blessing of equal opportunity or not? If the result is negative, we have to speak up and act. My dear fellow citizens, we have to Arise, Awake, and stop not till the goal is reached. 

Jai Bharat!

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