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"MAHATMA GANDHI", The person who was flabbergasted, The person who was full with justice, The person who taught us to be tolerant, The person who taught us to be non-violent, I'm short of words to praise him, I'm not too magnificent to admire him. His soul is here, there, and everywhere. I salute the great leader, I salute the father of "Bharat".

I, being the youth more the citizen of this independent India feels so unlucky at times of not being part of my country's freedom struggle, of not being like those who sacrificed their lives for the real cause of freedom, I feel so unlucky of not being like young "Kartar Singh Sarabha " Who while giving up his life for his country said,

"If I had to live more lives than one I would have  sacrifice each of them for my country's sake".

We may think how beautiful the journey of freedom struggle would have been? It's easy to present this statement, but immensely difficult to even imagine the terrible situation of being the slaves of British forces. Now if you ask me who saved us from the terrific British? If you ask me who worked as a laborer for our freedom? If you ask me who brought people of every caste, religion together for that one purpose of freedom?

If you ask me who bestowed us with the gift of freedom? My only and only answer would be "BAPU" the man who always put his life in danger in the love of his nation. Whenever I contemplate on the works of Bapu like how he spent a year travel throughout British India in order to understand the people and land on Gokhale's  advice and only then started freedom struggle with the method of satyagraha which envisaged winning over British through peace and love. It brings spirituality in me when I think despite being detested by the people of his own nation, he even embraced them by welcoming them in his prayer meetings


Whenever I think of this exception I burst into tears and begin to ask myself, How this person could be so spiritual and nation lover! that even knowing about extremists' hatred for him, he still welcomed them like that of Nathu Ram Godse whom he allowed in his prayer meeting and embraced the bullets from him and bid a final goodbye to independent India on jan 30,1948. It's so heart-wrenching to divulge that the person who remained hungry at times for giving the gift of Independence to the people of his nation was being killed by the people of his own land it's really terrifying. Do you know why Bapu respected even his haters? It's because he was the man with love and sympathy, it's because he really wanted to save us from monsters, it's because he really wanted to establish a 'Moral Independent India". You may think at times why Bapu used non-violent methods over the oppressors? Why he didn't express his hatred for the British through violence? Why did he advise the people of his land during the Second World War (1939-1945) to help the British in their fight by saying the Allied cause was just and Indians must help the forces of democracy in their fight and they shouldn't start an immediate mass struggle? Why he did so?

Some said this attitude of Gandhi Ji was anti-nation but Bapu didn't take this to his heart. The above questions may strike in everybody's mind why Bapu decided to help his enemies? Let me acknowledge you, my dear fellow citizens, he did this just to present his love for freedom, he did this just to divulge, to teach a lesson, and to give a message to the oppressors that " Indians had moral superiority over British material superiority". Wow, how exceptional he was! He even helped his enemies just to make them feel the essence of freedom was very significant for the nation 'India' that even if the oppressors have just cause Indians would definitely support them just for the cause of "Just" This is how our Bapu was, So logical

and spiritual. I'd not like to present the feats of Bapu here or his period of 1920-1947 nor his movements of Kheda, Champaran, non-cooperation, etc. I'd rather love to reveal that how we are crashing Bapu’s principles of ahimsa and truth. I won't hesitate to say that we are gradually forgetting the essence of this independent India, who when communal disturbances erupted after 1923 began to fast to stop the violence. See how exceptional he was! I really want to pose an open question here, Are we really applying Gandhian principles even after knowing their significance? Are we even trying to bring the principles of non - violence, and truth into our personal lives? Absolutely not.

Crowd gathers to witness the arrival of Mahatma Gandhi, 1931

Bapu was really the great person that the time when others were emphasizing getting freedom from the British it was Bapu who apart from struggling for freedom from the British was working on removing social evils which were surrounding the people of our nation. So Bapu gave us two freedoms one from the British and another from the terrible evils which were prevailing at the time of freedom struggle. Wow, how an amazing person he was who forgot about the provisions of the communal award of August 17, 1932, and focused on elevating the social status of untouchables whom he called Harijans, the children of God. I feel so misfortune that we have forgotten this spirit of the nation where we are living and utilizing everything freely.

 Recently I read a report about a 17-year-old boy who was being restricted to offer pooja in the temple of Domkhera up by some brahman caste people. The boy lost his life when he raised his voice against the practice of casteism by those brahman members. See, how we are giving rise to those evils again which devasted us and became a hurdle at times in getting freedom from the British. Isn't it our misfortune? Indubitably it's.

There is not only one case, everyday I go through multiple cases like it which depict our reckless attitude, and ya also clarify our disrespect for the spirit of this independent nation! We are gradually moving back and putting ourselves in a ditch. It's the time to wake up my dear fellow citizens believe me if all the principles of Gandhi are fully carried out, our country would indeed be a heaven on earth. We need to go not with the flow now dears rather we need to retrieve what we have lost. Yes, we have lost humanity. We require to retrieve it. We need to reincarnate 'Bapu 'the soul of our country.
Hey, My fellow citizens get up, rise up, reincarnate the beauty of 'Ahimsa', reincarnate the spirit of this land 'BAPU. Hey youth, Hey leaders, Hey my mates, Hey teachers, Hey my fellow citizens let's "DO OR DIE ".

Jai Bharat..! 

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