You are annoyed when someone or something eats into your time. What about when food eats into your life? You are what you eat. And in the greedy world of today, the food you are eating to a burp exemplifies wicked compromise. Digest this truth before your next meal.

The quality of any food hinges on how it is grown. Growing food chemically is convenient, quicker, and far more profitable for the grower. But it costs your health seriously. A slew of ailments is owed to inorganic farming methods most of which are carcinogenic too.

Your home's organic waste is pregnant with great value.

Let it deliver.

Organically grown food is tasty and nutritious. Organic waste which is predominantly food waste is eventually no waste at all. Your home generates a substantial amount of the wet kind every month. And substantial value too can be derived from it with ease. Be it vegetable or plant waste you now have the convenient and effective way to compost it and use the same yourself to grow vegetables of your staple or whatever else, or deliver it to farmers through various initiatives already in place. The compost kit and planters are widely and affordably available. You don't waste time and money. Don't waste organic waste too.

It is a truth of horror that 62% of various domestic wastes ends up at landfills becoming an unimaginable health hazard. The rest are seen as garbage heaps dotting neighbourhoods as eyesores that also severely assault your nose and seriously harm your health. The organic kind constitutes a major part of the wastes. It is imperative that we respond to this evil reality. There is a good number of commercial enterprises of pioneering initiatives in the realm of environmental conservation via the passionate pursuit of ideas to revive the laudable life-honouring food culture of the meaningful past and generate a great deal of positive outcomes environmentally. And this fact offers you a significant part to play to enable immense benefit to yourself and the society at large. The organic waste generated by your home can be let collected by the aforesaid enterprises for them to deliver it to farms edging your city. You can earn from it. But the priceless earning indubitably will be the veritable saintly feeling you experience as you are ensuring these:

Healthy food for physical and mental development.

Complementing crucially the efforts of the civic authorities in managing urban domestic waste.

Bettering the quality of air to breathe through extremely short food transport distance as ensured by localised food production.

Limiting the need for the severely hazardous landfills and thereby combating environmental degradation.

Turning the heat on global warming.

Economy of effort and space.

Dividend of health and pride.

Culture is central to any worthy social endeavour. It defines and shapes a society. Right culture means a right world.

The culture with respect to environment and food is of deep worry in this day and age. Fostering one that is healthy in multiple ways is easy with popular will which can be ensured through intensive awareness programmes, simple affordable solutions, and incentives.

Today's popular lifestyle is about an amazing ease of doing and getting a slew of things. And a sad lack of time and inclination to look closely at things that matter critically in individual and societal terms. The food culture and the natural environment especially. The former can be changed to the acclaimed way of the past, and by doing so the latter can be cared for in a truly substantial way. Both, quite easily. And it is all centred around the organic waste your home generates daily.

Often the thought of needing to make a big effort or taking a chunk off your personal time is a deterrent in pursuing valued societal goals like combating environmental degradation or ensuring healthy food consumption. With simple and effective innovatively developed compost kit and planters needing only an extremely small space, you will find to your delight solutions that spell remarkable economy of space and effort in employing them. Food can be grown on the roof-top of your home and even the balcony.

Have the prized feeling of pride of helping serve the lofty social objective of ending the extensive use of severely harmful chemical fertilisers. An initiative that harmonizes with the responsible citizen you are.

Solutions of ease.

Financially empowerment of the poor.

Solutions with critical social objectives need to represent distinctly the quality of ease of use to help ensure a widespread reach that is also rapidly accomplished. The making of such simple solutions(compost kits and planters) when outsourced to the economically weaker sections of rural India post the needed training can mean their considerable financial upliftment.

What is better than praying to god for good health?

Being god yourself.

If there is good in you, there is god in you. The good needs the situations and means to be expressed. In the matter of healthy eating you have them both now. So make a far-reaching change going by the tastiest fact of life that everything is in your hands.

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