Women are those members of the society who have always been treated as small, weak, inferior or beneath the mighty and powerful men. That is how it has been. And this aspect of the society is so deeply ingrained in all our psyches that it is very tough for the majority of us to come out of it. It is a big task indeed. But has anybody ever thought why it is so? Why have women been subdued, suppressed and made to feel small?

It is really quite simple. They are superior to men in all aspects. And you do not need to look beyond your daily life to actually know this. Consider the aspects of multitasking, abiding by a schedule, memory. Ask yourself who is better at all of it. It is women. This is not mere speculation. Science says all of this. Women are superior to men. That’s it.

They have higher IQs, cognitive abilities, decision-making abilities. They score better in most leadership skills. So now it is quite clear why they have been suppressed so much. It is the fear of being overthrown and overtaken in all aspects of life. Men fear the potential possessed by women. They fear that untapped potential that may make women better leaders than men, better managers than men and better workers than men. Men fear having to respect someone that the society deems weak and inferior. Again, it is the mind-set that has been ingrained in our psyches. It has been so deeply ingrained that it has now become a norm or a belief.

I, as a man, also had certain prejudices and constrictions in my mind regarding the roles each gender plays. It was the way society was presented to me, the way society existed. But it was only when I went to the depth of the subject and questioned all these unreasonable stereotypes that I was able to get a clearer picture. Women are superior to men. It is quite simple.

Now what most of us will say is that nobody is superior, all are the same. We should strive for equality. But how can we say that when men have unapologetically oppressed and suppressed women for so long? The balance sheet would not hold if we were to simply give women equality. It is the time for women to rise. And there is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.

Change has come in the society but there is still a long way to go to get to the ideal scenario. The mind-set is the main thing that has to change. Only a certain section of the society may have this awareness that the way women have been treated and kept was wrong. And even most of the urban population has the same mind-set. But they may show otherwise just to stay tuned to the trend of the society. Only a handful of them actually believe it from the core of their hearts. There is the need for a drive of awareness and we must start at the grass-root level and try to shape a better future for the coming generations. It is high time that these norms and values of the society change.

Given the present scenario, it is the women who need to stay strong and be the fighters they are born to be, to not give up however hard the circumstances, to persevere, to fight these shackles imposed on them. And to be what they are-the ones superior to men.



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