Image by Barbara Jackson from Pixabay 

In your realm, there's magic they say,
And everything so phenomenal that one's Soul might melt into ever fulfiling desire
In your realm, there's belief they say
And every pot seems filled with potions of hope
In your realm there's truth they say
And every path is mystical and white like it
In your realm there's kindness they say
And every river is made of it, just for the mountains
In your realm, there's beauty they say
And every flower wears it like angels
In your realm, there's love that survives even without life
And every heart would carry it like crown
There's so much more in your realm that one might need,
That one might want to live for
That one might want to die for
But Dear God,
Isn't the place we live your realm too?
Where Souls survive without love
Where lives are counted when they are gone
Tell me, God,
Isn't this realm yours too?
And if it is! Then why is it so?
Lost in Lifelessness! 

.    .    .