You may be someone I don’t know, but what I know is that may be at some point of your life you must have felt what I feel. The world is small, and so are our hearts. Those tiny little things that make us feel like ‘Whoa!!!!!!’ many kinds of emotions, up and down goes the roller coaster.

Here is one, that we all experience at least one and it’s okay even if you don’t want to admit it. Well, no more mysteries! I am talking about the social world that we somehow try to fit in, from outfits to places to the food others put on their Instagram stories. Isn’t it true? Being a girl, I honestly admit that I love every other outfit that my XYZ schoolmate is wearing, and above that my heart demands more. What more? It demands to be at the place where that girl is standing, taking in the freshness around. I desire that privilege, that the person shows off from their social media posts or even stories. There’s no valid reason behind this envious feeling, but you know that feeling you have inside that says – ‘Damn I want to go there, Damn I want to achieve that, Damn this… damn that’.

At some point, it’s okay to want something more from life, to expect big things, to have that burning desire that makes us dream. But, on the other side it may take a shape of negative emotion. You don’t have to overthink on this! I’ll explain – when you look at someone enjoying and being happy in their own life, you want to grab that happiness but sometimes you end up crying over the miserable part that you get stuck in.

Believe me, when you see so much happiness around you when you yourself are drowning in sadness, life feels life hell. Yes! I am talking about this negativity. You just forget every little thing that you must be grateful for and resent the fact that you don’t have anything left. You think you are suffering so much more. You think that you don’t deserve all this.

Yes dear, you don’t. Life happens for everyone; life gives us a story to live by. Some people change the story and other’s sit back and replay their own stories over and over. What social media has to do in this? It’s simple. Instagram is a like a Santa Clauses gift sac, it has all kinds of happy packets and happy people in it, with their own happy stories. All this creates an illusion at the back of your mind, because every person is bound to share happiness with the world.

Have you seen anyone cry on a social platform and proudly own their sadness? I don’t think I have seen any. I just saw it in a Netflix series – ‘The Bold Type’ in which Kat, the girl who has had a bad break up goes over social media and cries. This is bold move, owning yourself.

There are so many ventures, and organisations that are recently spreading awareness about mental health. Although, they must be trying to do a good thing but, I haven’t really witnessed a soul confessing their negative side or darkness. To say it in simple words, Instagram is just an illusion of happiness. Everyone suffers, and you don’t know their story of suffering, so you are not supposed to feel bad about your own situation. It’s absolutely okay to feel what you are feeling. Wanting to be happy is good, but resenting over your life isn’t. So, the next time when you are sad see someone happy on a social platform, get up and create your own happiness. And once you do so, you will be sharing that happiness with the next bunch of people that are in your place. Maybe, the story you share can inspire someone. Never forget, you always have secret admirers. So, the end message would be – “Stand out and give your admirers a reason to smile, a reason to admire you because You in yourself are your own story.”

.   .   .