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Feminism - a movement that need no introduction in today's time. A movement involved with so many mixed emotions and opinions yet powerful and life changing for many.

Feminism has had great impact on the lives of women. It does not deny the biological difference just demand the equality in differences. But till today, many people failed to understand the true meaning of feminism. Feminism movement has portrayed a very important role in the women empowerment. It has given women right to vote, education and many more. 

It will be wrong to say that feminism is only related to women or is for women. Any person, caste, sex can be feminist. Feminism does not mean the superiority of women but equality in sexes. Men and women should be treated equal, equal pay should be given to men and women for same work. Feminist movement cannot be operated only when only women will work towards this but to make it a success whole society support is needed. 

When all people regardless of  gender, age, etc. will bring a change in there way of thinking, develop a new way of seeing the world and both men and women will work collectively as a social group then a new ray of hope will rise. To get faster results, younger generation needs to be made part of this and made them how important is this for the peaceful and beautiful world. No doubt the condition of women has improved in recent years but still many stairs are left to be climbed.

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-anshul yadav