Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I am a labor boy, I am telling you all of my life struggles and sacrifice. When I was 16 years old, the financial condition of my house was not good, so I was in compulsion. I had to leave my study and work because I had no other way than that. I used to work as a laborer at a construction site, everyone used to ask me what is your compulsion son? Why are you doing such a thing at such a young age ' I smiled at everyone's light and replied that I want to be a billionaire in the future, I started praying from now. While doing so many households the situation started improving then I worked on the day wages and does the money that is left after spending house. I am used to buying books would me the wrong consequences of doing wrong things and also tells me greed is evil. My dad's bad habit of drinking alcohol do something like this I started to be very lonely, always sad but when my mother called for food to eat, I say, mother I am not hungry, eat all of you, maybe they did not even know one thing was very important to me. While later I got admission to night college. I am very busy with my work and studies in my life. Everything started going well, a lot of happiness started coming into my family. One day as soon as I got out of college, there was a sudden change in my life. such a turn came that gave me a different world, I got this dream city Mumbai was a different world settled in one way or the other wear colorful clothes and caps and rough big shoes and some he was reciting some poem and some boys beat coming out of the mouth and some boys do bicycles stunt. I was also crazy about poems, I listened to his poetry. One of the boys told in his poem where he used to come from and now how life is changing and I am told to boy your poem was very good and interesting and the boy says bro it is not a poem, it is called hip hop and it is rapping it is a one form of hip-hop. I love rapping like rap is going on inside me. I started listening to many raps of those boys after college. A boy named Zakir said bro you too also performing a rap say nothing, I came home in shame and started crying and thinking the whole night and the next morning I can start writing rap and perform these rap and start performing in front of everyone and everyone liked it, I also tell you all.

Rap starts
Problems will hurt you
You took the problems
If you can't sleep
At Night...
Think of sleeping
after eating something
I miss that thing
About my father
Wage is another
Name of compulsion
And after that the everyone

appreciate and start motivating to me write future raps. One day I can forget rapping and started writing poems. Everyone likes my poem slowly and also slowly I reached my destination. I wanted to be a writer and I became but the most precious place on the construction site. One day while roaming around and reaching a construction site. I was talking to the people there when I heard the sound of two old people in my ears and I was hiding and listening to them he was talking about the contractor that he takes more work and but less money pay. So I thought the rest of the people should also know about this in compulsion how little money do they have to earn? I wrote a short poem on laborer rights. So many peoples started supporting him and it is not over but a small poem has changed little things in a laborer's life. Laborer thinks one day someone will end this problem and the laborers will start livings life happily in this hope.

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