The best place to live? My mind automatically returns back to the three storeyed building, the air adrift with the smell of freshly made ‘shawarma’ where looking out the window I saw the red and white five spoked flag, which reminded me how lucky I was to be born and brought up in a country that I could fondly call home- away from home.

Bahrain, the Land of pearls and of golden smiles as the world knows. But to me it was the best home I had known. Being a tiny island in the Persian Gulf, this nation wouldn’t fail to provide warmth to anyone who had once visited it. Be it the geniality in the atmosphere, the hospitality of the citizens or the myriad of nationalities who had come together to weave a net a safety for themselves, this country was nothing short of heaven.

What makes this country home to anyone is its cosmopolitan culture. Bahrain has a long-standing tradition of hospitality and tolerance. Though the official religion is Islam, Bahrain has a proud heritage of acceptance and respect to all religions and cultures. The melting pot of culture across the country is an example of this. It can proudly be called a land where each nationality can freely be itself, without the fear of persecution or discrimination. Bahrain’s religious tolerance and freedom is model that is seldom seen even in secular countries today. With most other neighboring countries being of high expenditure, Bahrain offers a high standard of living along with a moderate expenditure level. Bahrain has also been ranked one of the safest countries of residence. Looking back, what makes Bahrain so different is the safety the country offers. Day or night, one can stroll the streets without fear or anxiety, which makes it one of the most sought-after destinations to live.

Bahrain has a rich culture and the tourism sector is nothing short of intriguing. Beginning with the historical forts that offer a sneak peek into the cultural and military heritage of the nation to the museums known for its legacy, Bahrain is a haven for all history lovers. The numerous museums across the country give a kaleidoscope of the country’s past. Revealing Bahrain has always embraced modernity and change, being the first Arabian country to introduce formal education and spearheading a number of other developments. Being predominately a desert, the island also offers several desert safaris. A trip to the desert will be a haven for all those nature lovers, who can get to experience the raw spirit of Bahrain. It gives an insight inti the lives of the forefathers of the nation who strived against natural odds and envisioned a nation of modernity and promise. Being of a desert terrain, Bahrain may not be all green to the eyes, but it sure has one of the greatest natural marvels of the world-The Tree of Life. This tree just as its name, is an elixir of life in the desert and has remained flourishing through the past 250 years. Being the land of pearls, pearl diving is a traditional occupation of Bahrainis. To any jewelry enthusiast, natural Bahraini pearls are truly a treasure to hold on to.

Aside from these natural wonders, Bahrain has a range of state-of-the-art tourist attractions as well. With several amusement and water themed parks, the island offers a fun filled vacation stay to the old and the young alike. Yet another aspect of Bahrain, is its striking variety of cuisines. A walk down any Bahraini lane is sure to gift you the local Bahraini flavors to intercontinental tastes. Right from the local ‘Kuboos’ to international palette of tastes, Bahrain remains uncompromised. Shopaholics too can find their groove in this island. Starting with the traditional ‘Manama Souq’ to the latest variety of malls, Bahrain offers an unparalleled shopping experience. With quite a lot to explore, with uncompromised safety, state of the art accommodation and living facilities and budget that remains in your purse strings, Bahrain is truly a traveler’s paradise.

Sure, as it is a utopia for tourists, Bahrain is heaven to its residents. While the nation offers world class living experience, true financial freedom and everything aspirational from an economic view, what makes it home is the wide smile of its citizens, the silent reassurance that hovers over the city, the inclusiveness, the niche that it provides without discrimination and a thousand golden memories. Bahrain, truly remains a jewel to anyone who has called her ‘home’.

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