Let's start it from the seed. A woman becomes pregnant, the sixth, seventh, month arrived, by viewing the face and the size of her stomach, people start giving up hints like “You may get a boy I hope" from that their way of predictions goes on. The family members too will be triggered by the predictions made by all the people around you.

Then the day arrives,the nurse opens up , that's a girl, all lights on in the face, but not in the hearts, People have questions like “How are you going to meetup all expenses of a girl it's too high" , people will not even have the mindset of treating it like a small baby, They start up saying " the child is not fair" ,the funnier part is that, they don't even think about the real fact, the colour and the physical appearance is all about the genes they carry from their ancestors, they start only about blaming it .

The girl is insisted to have teddy bears and dolls, not cars and bike. They insist her to score good marks in academics, they always intend her to shine only in that field, there is no other choice of life for her like dancing, acting or sports as it is booked only for boys. She is insisted not to share of photograph as she is taught world is tough. She has to calm and composed, she can't speak of her will, she should learn cooking and serving nor business and management.

At many times she is taught to sit in home, she is insisted to learn whatever the family decides to learn, rather they will save money for her marriage and dowry, women are always meant to be sacrificial and kind, they should walk and smile gently, they can express their emotions only through tears. In a family, only a father is allowed to take decision not mother.


These are some of the strong practices people followed, but now the situations had changed, women are bringing medals to our nation, they are breaking up the rules and making up their own world. But still some stereotypes exist as, Men are superior from women, as women are made from men, by this fact, the equality of gender is failed These sort of stereotypes create dangerous outcomes as that limits a person's potential and well being. Till now, we talk about Girl's marriage in 21 not about boys. The true fact is each women has to undergo series of painful moments taking place for every 28 days ,but she manages doing both her house chores and her profession is described as weak, and the men who takes care of business and earnings is treated as strong.

Some success stories of women cannot diminish many sacrificing stories of many women. Still child marriage prevails, cybercrime issues for women are more, sexual harassment is at peak.

For a better India, Women should have no timings like ,they should not be out of the home after 8 pm, they should not work, they should look after only the house chores, they shouldn't voice out for social issues, these rules lead a way to break all the stereotypes in India completely. And the big question is " Why do we expect women to bring gold from home and Olympics" . Let's think about it, and special appreciation to all the women who won medals for our country, it's not only about winning medals , it's also about winning limits in their own life.

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