Before birth, while carrying a child, a mother loves “the thought” of having a child…

She loves “the thought” of holding a tiny creature… she loves “the thought” of caring for this innocent life; loves “the thought” of this incredible creation slowly growing.

Only until the day that child enters the world will a mother experience real love.

Looking down for the first time into the face of your newborn child is life’s most incredible awakening. Nothing compares to it. Absolutely nothing.

Some call it a spiritual awakening; others call it a maternal awakening.

There are no words to describe the feeling of looking into your infant’s tiny, scrunched, wrinkled face for the first time. Those pouty little lips. Those cherubic rosy-flushed cheeks. Those tiny, oh-so-fragile fingers clutching to your thumb. Those little fists, the ones that punched your gut for the past three months. Those little nibs of tiny toes sprouting from the unbelievably small feet that power-poked your inner sides for the last two months.

Those little wondering eyes struggling to look into yours. It takes time for that tiny baby to open the eyes…they squint and blink, focus a little, squint some more. Slowly, very slowly those little eyes start to open wide…wide open…and look right into yours, reflecting a joy that is no longer thought about but truly felt.

Absolutely no words.

A mother spends 9, 10 months (maybe) protecting this fragile life growing inside.

Every movement, heartbeat is a reassurance that everything's fine. Her protection of him/her from the world so far is successful.

Those funny little flips, pushes inside actually bring the mother and the baby closer.

A mother’s love before a baby is born is “very thoughtful.”

Once arrived, it’s so real that all “thoughts” are now replaced with love.

When the baby arrives, the mother's relieved and happy to know that all went well. They both survived. That alone is a cause for celebration.

.   .   .