Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay 


The day where a, b, c, d 's played

as an avatar of zombies,

And the teachers appeared as

Venusians that made us panic,

The classroom and benches, the only enemies.

Now we reminisce with stretched smiles.

When our legs began to run away from the class,

You made us sit introducing its definitions.

You colored the hidden drawing,

Enlightened the well-wired bulbs.

You taught us to hold the pencil with only three fingers.

When the middle finger escaped from the point,

Your finger kick alarmed our growing brain.

You made us learn.

You fill our stomach with nutritious knowledge

Today, we continue the chain,

To nourish our tarnished brain.

But always your thirst is left unknown.

You are always remembered and spelled dear teachers.


©Shwetha A

.   .   .