The lassie who used to sit and cry always,

Now stands up in the heights to hit the rocks.

The lassie who forgave for the things that no one could exonerate,

Now judges the things with its facts with no hesitation.

The lassie who once said that the truth was false,

Though it was a truth, for the sake of others,

Now writes her own formula differentiating the good and bad.

The lassie who once thought,

Working in an office doesn't suit her status,

Working in the kitchen is the only thing she can accomplish,

Now works in the topmost company as a managing director.

The lassie who once failed to hold a pen,

For the alphabets were unknown to her,

Now she creates her own investigation in English literature.

The lassie who once was rejected by men,

For the dark colour, a colour gifted by God,

Now happened to be one among the beauty queens of the world.

The lassie where once got trapped only by her innocence,

Now shouts louder by the same innocent heart,

Just to prove, 'every innocent heart has its own limit.

The lassie who was once mistreated and kicked out of home

For being in a relationship with a gentleman,

Now got married and sings a lullaby to her own tots.

The society which once differentiated between the rich and the poor,

Now too differentiates the same, even if it sounds wrong.

Every problem had a solution,

Every question has an answer.

But why do, we the humans always fail in the last question I commented on?

© Shwetha A

.   .   .