Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay 

I know a lot of people who felt resentment for weeks, months, and even years. We have also seen in a lot of shows and movies, that even after ages the hero still remembers his past and the only aim in life is to take his revenge. Did you know that any thought that you think consciously or unconsciously triggers emotions for just 90secs?? So If u feel vulnerable emotionally it is not someone else' doing but ourselves. I have heard from a lot of people who always keep telling me that "My brain must continuously be busy and think about something always or else I can't exist" This is the root cause of any negative emotions that we feel which gets deep-rooted as we think about it. This is called a pain body and the result of this is we can't stop thinking negatively and we start to take pleasure in thinking negatively. In simple words, you are a slave of your thoughts. And if you can't control your thoughts and learn to release the negative emotions you are weak. And It is not something to be proud of. Due to some reason if you feel angry the only way to release that emotion is to forgive and forget. Forgiving shows how strong you are and it is not something u do or feel for others but for yourself. By forgiving someone you are releasing the negative energies and setting yourself free. When you forgive and forget it that's when you become much stronger and cherish the most beautiful gift given to each and everyone in the universe and that is "NOW" the present. And if you can do that Congrats!! You have learned the most essential skill in your life. It is the most important in any phase of life. Anger is the negative emotion that makes you smaller and weaker while forgiveness is the key to releasing it and forces you to grow beyond what you were. This is real personal development and growth which no amount of different courses or mastery in any other field can give you. What you think is what you see and who you are. When you start decluttering your mind. That's when you will see a whole new world filled with positivity and happiness. And the power to do that only and only lies within you. NO ONE ELSE CAN DO THAT FOR YOU. If you are successful at doing that you are the most powerful being. I would like to end with the quotes said by Lewis. B Smedes "To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you".

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