What's life?

What do you mean by life? Life actually means to fulfil your purpose in life and to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. What I meant by this is, everyone has a purpose and that is being happy or doing what makes us happy. None of us will be here if we all didn't have a purpose. For some people purpose is connected to satisfying vocation-meaningful, satisfying work. For others their purpose lies the responsibilities to their family and friends’ sure we all dream! and all that you dream about imagine is what makes you happy and you would want to experience it in real Ife. Goals need not necessarily be in terms of you career or money. Goals are just reminders on what to do that makes you feel good. But those goals that you set must be of your own. So, how to know whether your goals are actually the ones you have set for yourself or society?

Easy- peasy solution, ask yourself when you think of your goals does it make you feel excited? Do you want to be there as soon as possible? Are you willing to do anything to attain your goal? If not, I guess it’s time to sit with yourself and find out what actually makes you happy? What makes you get out of your bed without looking at your phone early in the morning to get started for the day. Remember when you were the first one in the house to get ready and wake everyone up for them to help you pack your stuff in school whenever there was a field trip or a picnic. I think that’s how we all must feel every day. This can only happen by doing what you really want to as a person and not what society asks us to do. People start blaming others for the happenings of their life. But life is what we create. It's not something you should blame others for it but yourself who created it. Life is never a waste, it's very precious. The way you see it reflects you. See it positively, then positive things are eager to come to you. See it negatively, negative is to come to you.

Stop complaining about what you don't have in your life, just think for a second what all you have in your life, the ceiling above you, the fan, the lights, the food you eat, the water you drink etc. If you have these you are the luckiest person ever, you are living a luxurious life. Be grateful for the things you have but not complaining about the things you don't have. Start practising gratitude. It helps you make your life the best life. Life is of experiencing everything that comes your way. Every circumstance in your life teaches you a lesson. let every moment in your life is precious. Have you ever seen the people on the roadside? Ever compared yourself with them? If not, please once compare and check how much difference is there between their lives and your life. Not only good times are precious, even bad times are precious as they can open our eyes and let us acknowledge and be grateful for what we had and were previously and instead of nagging for the lack of something, we learn to appreciate the things we have. Why need of a good life? When you already have a great life and you aren't thankful for it. Have you ever heard the quote “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” Now its your choice up to what you want to see in everyone and everything? Life never tries to fail you. Life always gives you the opportunities to give your best, the only thing is you don't identify it. So, it's simple it's your fault. Life is all about perspective. Why do you think the business giants are successful? Because they haven’t failed? If that’s what you are think then let me enlighten you. They have succeeded because of their perspective on failure. They didn’t let failure hinder their growth and they only saw it as a part of the journey. I’m sure there must be a lot of people who have tried to do something great but decided to quit as they face a failure. Its only and only their perspective. They let their failures doubt their own abilities whereas successful people build their abilities through failure. The difference here is not their abilities but their perspective towards it.

Lastly, I would like to highlight the point of gratitude. When we learn to appreciate the stuff around us that is when we already feel content. And let’s change the belief that only materialistic things make us feel content. Even If that’s the case, you spend 3/4th of your time chasing for it and when you actually get it, your interest and love for it might not make you feel so content as all those things spike your dopamine only for a certain period of time and then you might start to feel that the opportunity cost of getting that thing is not worth the possession. We have always heard since our childhood that “Life is not a destination but a journey”. I’m sure we all don’t want to be living most of our life struggling for something for getting benefitted of something which only gives temporary happiness. But sadly, this is today’s reality but no one realizes it. I hope this write up changed your perspective on life and that you have gained something worth your time. Now c’mon guys let’s start practicing gratitude and observe your life shifting 180. OOPS! I guess 360 or wait 180, right? Meh~ who cares? Appreciate and enjoy guys!!

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