Fear makes us do stupid, dumb and irrational things. No matter how cool a cucumber you might be on a calm, sunny day once the corona-storm hits the metaphorical fan, your true character comes out. A big truth that has been brought into the spotlight with this pandemic is the fact that our lives are governed by immense stupidity.

Are there some stupid people in this world or are we collectively a stupid species? This is what we are going to find out in this article.

As the “best and most evolved species of all”, we were always taught how the humankind is always marching forward to the beats of development and yes there are some flaws but overall, we are supposedly making good progress. But looks like Nature got tired of our pretentiousness.

Covid-19 has exposed some innate traits in the humankind- anxiety, ignorance, bravado but most importantly, stupidity. Thus, an apt term was coined- Covidiot.

I still see people on the road, who are either not wearing any mask or if they are then it's covering their chins and not their noses because well, I suppose it’s “priorities”.

Then there are the oh so qualified people we voted to run our country. Which country do I even start from?

The ex- president of the “greatest nation in the whole wide world”, Donald Trump did everything and anything possible to make sure that the people were as confused as a penguin who suddenly got transported to the Sahara Desert.

Donald Trump didn’t spare any expenses in bringing the stupidest ideas to the table to combat coronavirus. The top few being ‘injecting disinfectant inside us to kill the virus’ or bombarding the body with “ultraviolet or just a very powerful light” that kills the virus in “one minute”.

Right. Of course, let’s do this! Either the virus will be killed or we’ll get killed. Or if we are lucky, maybe we’ll become Hulk 2.0. Those aren’t bad odds at all.

But who will be surprised? This is the same man who said that if his daughter wasn’t his daughter then he would have dated her-

Speechless? You and I both.

But Donald Trump isn’t the only genius in this world. Let’s come to our own country with its astounding discovery of using gaumutra and cow dung to purify and kill the virus brought to light by a politician because obviously coronavirus is a cow fearing virus! Hail the cows!

Although, I am pretty sure that coronavirus is chilling at some food joint for viruses and texting its other virus friends, “ROFL! HUMANS ARE SO DUMB!”

Yeah, we really are a little slow on things like these.

Or let’s ask the Chinese delegates to chant “Go corona go” as if Covid-19 is a dog that’ll go away if you tell it to scram.

The concept of night curfew is another example of how we have shunned logic and science to fight this pandemic. How many people even go out in the middle of the night? Covid-19 doesn’t sleep in the morning and wake up at night. It doesn’t see if the Sun is out or the Moon.

The pandemic is rampaging throughout the world but the chaos caused by fake news and misinformation is even worse. Those who start a thread of fake news have measured the recipient’s IQ and those who forward this fake news know that there are enough people dumber than they are.

For example, Malaysia where people were spreading rumors that corona patients turned into zombies. My brother is going to be thrilled when he gets to know the zombie apocalypse is finally happening.

Or we can even listen to Mr. Harsh Vardhan, the face of the government during this pandemic but do be aware that this is the same doctor who advised us to eat carrots when Delhi's pollution hit an all-time high.

Yeah, I can hear the crickets chirping in the background.

We really do have boundless capacities for being stupid. We grossly underestimate how many stupid people we are surrounded with every day. Stupidity is not bounded by education, knowledge, gender, caste etc., It’s prevalent everywhere. So much so that it leaves you astonished. If one were to engage a stupid people, one would be bound to lose for they are much too dangerous to be handled by common folks like us.

Times like this, I wonder if I should go and bang my head on the wall or should I just make a portable wall so that I don't need to do the extra work of getting up. 

.   .   .