In the Middle Ages, up to the 18th century, the current Afghanistan and a few other territories surrounding it was known as Khorāsān. It literally means 'The Land of the Sun'. 

A land where women's rights were on par and sometimes even better than western nations.  The land where women got the right to vote in 1919.

 U.S.A gave the right to vote to women in 1920. 

There were no restrictions on the education of women, their clothing or their mobility. 

Afghanistan of 1960s saw women in politics. 

1965 saw the formation of Democratic Organization of Afghan Women for women's upliftment.


The Afghanistan of 1950s and 1960s is completely unrecognizable when compared to the current Afghanistan.

"Afghan universities will be segregated by gender."

"Women barred from attending Kabul University."

"Women not allowed to study alongside men. A new dress code to be applied."

"Taliban disperses women's rights protest with gunfire."

"Taliban enforces the need for a male chaperone to accompany a woman going out."

"Women who teach boys in grades over 6 or teach mixed classes in universities are dismissed."

This is just the tip of the iceberg. It's just the starting. Taliban has only been in control for over a month but the rollback on women's rights and freedom reaches new heights or should I say falls down every day increasingly. 

When the Taliban overthrew the government of Afghanistan and regained control of Kabul, Taliban spokesperson, Zabiullah Muhajid sought to 'reassure' women. 

"Our sisters and our men have the same rights", he said. But Afghani women are all too aware of Taliban and its fickle promises when it comes to ensuring the rights of women. 

Since Kabul fell to Taliban, it's been a steady stream of bad news for women and girls all over Afghan. Every day brings more evidence of how the ruthless Taliban will make sure that the women of Afghan will be pushed down until they can't even think of standing. Everyday has been a nightmare for Afghanis especially women. 

Men making decisions for women is prevalent even in the 21st century whether that is reproductive rights or something else. With Taliban it just becomes all that much worse. 

Hide your hands. Hide your feet. Don't show your ankles. Hide your hair. 

Hide. Hide. Hide.

Hide away yourself. 

Every Taliban member with a gun on a street corner seems to delude themselves into thinking that they have the right to make these decisions for women. 

The blatant sexism and oppression of women is downright disgusting. The cherry on top is the hypocritical statements the Taliban makes. 

Taliban has been infamously known all over the world for its brutal nature when it comes to treating women. They sign it off as their duty to create a "secure environment where the chasteness and dignity of women may once again be sacrosanct." Forcing them to wear a burqa because the face of a woman is a 'temptation', 'corruption' for men who are not related to them and then forcing them to marry men they have never met and raping and beating and violating their basic human rights. 

To think that we have progressed so much but there are still factions who believe in such utter nonsense gives you an incurable headache. Even now after so many years of evolution, women still have to fight for basic rights that are served to the opposite gender on a silver platter. Women have had to fight for most of the rights that men deem "everyday things".

Everything from her body to her education to her future to her job, nothing is truly hers anymore.

 Not allowed to work and not allowed to be educated after the age of 8 and even until then were only allowed to study the Qur'ran. Although the Taliban officially states that they no longer oppose girls’ education, very few Taliban officials actually permit girls to attend school past puberty. Others do not permit girls’ schools at all. They can't even get treated by male doctors until accompanied by a male chaperone?! 

"Women are for the house. They are supposed to stay in the house. Be a good daughter of a father who doesn't care. Be a good wife of a husband you haven't chosen. Be a good mother of a child who will face the same atrocities you will face."

Raise your voice? You dare to complain?

Public flogging, execution, beating, arbitrary detention, corporal punishments, stoned to death and what not. 

It's not at all an exaggeration to say that life under the Taliban regime is akin to a living hell. 

.   .   .