The world today is characterized by a widespread feeling of insecurity and global terrorism. In this present juncture of time, it is quite evident that human civilization is at stake and the day is not very far when humanity will be stripped off its clothes, solely due to the grave mistakes that humans do in pursuit of intolerance, terrorism, green wars, etc.


“A youthful nation like ours must leave an impact in the entire world.” India is a country of vast diversity. In this 21st century when the whole world is progressing in leaps and bounds, changes in Indian society are quite obvious. Basically, the major changes in India that I dream of are based on the lines of Rabindranath Tagore’s famous poem “WHERE THE MIND IS WITHOUT FEAR”.

India should be a corruption-free place where every politician is dedicated towards the welfare of the general public of India, where the people of power are ready to serve the common citizens of India, without any hesitation and thus good governance will come as the fruit of corruption-free India. Secondly, as the saying goes “Education is the manifestation of perfection already present in man”, A society that does not give importance to education cannot progress. Let there be any Government, it must have the vision to make India shine in the field of education.


Moreover, a country that doesn't respect women can never be great in the mere future and thus women empowerment is a must in this society to help women live with pride, respect and be self-independent. India has been thriving predominantly in this sector of uplifting women to envision a country of gender equality and equal opportunities for all sex. Today, Transgender has been legally recognized and this marks a great feat in an open-minded society. India should be a place where gender equality should prevail and not a patriarchal society, where women empowerment is thought of and women are respected everywhere.


As the coin has two sides, the responsible citizens of India also have major duties to perform in form of making India rise to the feat of prosperity. Last but not the least ‘What can we do to clean our country'? Is the question, there lies a sole response that we, certainly, can do everything. And since we ourselves are accountable for soiling her purity, there is no room for brooding over what we can do. Instead, we should worry about what we must. But, what exactly do we do – speeches, rallies, and demonstrations?


There are enough intellectuals who preach to dream of an unpolluted world; and probably, they expect Santa to drop it on their doors on the day of Christmas! Well, there is no greater hypocrisy than claiming to be wise and resembling fools in action. And we are at our own liberty to either choose to be like them or perceive the immediate need of breaking the shackles of our insanity and holding the brooms with our own hands. But, what do we clean – begin with our toilets and conclude with the roads? Is contamination confined to just air, soil and water? Unfortunately, it’s not. The trash in our social order, the junk in our political systems and the garbage right inside our heads demand an equal need of eradication. And it's mandatory to begin before it ruins beyond repair.

But, how long would it take – long enough that we might not even live to relish the fresh air we bring. Yet, it’s an urge to the entire seven billion strong human race; that let’s shed everything that is selfish within us; as we cannot gift our children with anything better than a world that doesn't breed pollution, corruption, hatred, violence and everything else that dirt manifests itself through.

And, if a generation can bring the difference, let us be it.


"In honour of our motherland,

Why should we muck her beauty and grace?

Why not cleanse off this filth of our ungratefulness?

Let's take the pledge to relief her of pain,

And never would our kids breathe in this dirt again!"

Thus to seek a bright future for India in future, the necessary steps to be taken is not only from the government's side but also from within us so that it a combined effort to make a dream place to reside in.

Thus being responsible citizens, we must all pledge to put in our small efforts towards healing our country so that we can make our motherland a better place to live in for the future generations to come.


. . . . .