Person 1 - everything is fine, but what’s the need of uploading these pics. I mean it's your life and your decision but still.

Person 2 - hey girl, what happened to you. You are not supposed to upload these kinds of pics, it doesn’t suit you.

Person 3 - Woah! Such a bold look, I am impressed by your nudity, why so sudden changes.

Person 4 - wow, your pic seduced me. I am sure you would have more even more of fewer outfits. Send me those images.

Person 5 - finally a brighter side, I am sure your boyfriend is such a genuine person.

Person 6 - will you be my girlfriend; I am sure to fulfil your needs.

Okay, stop it. Scrolling again and again through my DMs only makes me miserable more. It’s true that if you burst your bubble then people will knife you more, maybe that’s the reason the girls of India aren’t still safe. Protection for girls and women still exists in quotes and candle march. A minor change in your opinion can shake anyone's mindsets. And people are willing to participate more in case of proving you wrong.

Maybe we still exist in a world were showing cleavage does make a man think twice before lifting eyes. Still, people find nudity more attractive than the actual content. But nudity is only accepted of an unknown person, if the same photograph captures by friend or sister, damn. It was never accepted in our society.

Source: snapchat

What was my fault? I uploaded my pics which were revealing though, and they got so lovely comments by everyone. I never thought of any vulgarity because my friends didn’t oppose me, but I did a huge mistake, acceptance of society was still pending. And maybe my social media content is dependent on others’ objectives/ criteria.

Isn’t it obvious, social media exist for one another, we ask our friends which photograph I should upload, or which profile picture will suit me more? Dozens of filters and hours of face tune just to update that damn one post. Whereas you spent hours finding the perfect caption which may not be suiting your personality but matches with your profile.

If you don’t get comments and like, it makes you nervous and miserable. You got to doubt your appearance that critics don’t like you the way you are, and you are supposed to change yourself although you are perfect in your way but still. We live in a society where pulling legs of a disabled person is more in fame rather than solider fighting on the border. We live in a society where claiming to be a therapist exists only to social media whereas that lonely child in your class suicides the next day because he took your post seriously and tried to contact you and how gracefully you ignored him.

People ignore you constantly and the second you are out of your league then they dare to control your limits. I want to ask this generation; are you guys sure you are living for yourself only? Because I don’t find a single reason which makes me satisfy that you mind your own business.

A couple of months ago, some boys were in fame who made a group on Instagram and shared pictures of girls while boys were having fun showing their manhood as if they were legal to rape those girls.

I understand the concern of parents for their girl child, but when will they teach their boys to behave, to maintain a decent code with girls and with women of India. It took 34 years for our education system to get upgraded but still, it lacks behind the purpose of sex education.

Neither the system nor Indian parents are ready to share useful information with their children. They get knowledge either from the internet which directs them to pornography or misguided information from friends. Not even girls think that they should talk to elders about such happening. I know this because I never talked to my parents about any such activities. After all, there was a fear if I tell them maybe they’ll never allow me to go out, to play with my friends or maybe they’ll understand it or not.

If adopting western culture is easy then, why the safety of girls or say humans is a difficult task. Every two minutes, a girl is being raped, molested, or kidnapped somewhere in India, and cases just pile up like an old newspaper. From society to relatives and up to our parents it's their responsibility to watch their children turning point. Awareness of crossing roads and talking to a stranger is not enough from childhood, but also that how feminism works and how to treat equally in society.