"If you're a fauji then you live by chance, love by choice, and fight by profession"

I think this quote is a overall highlight of all the aspects covered by this beautiful movie. Right from the beginning, the courage of Vikram Batra always motivated me. The way he served his country in a fearless and truthful way was really impeccable..!

As we traverse through the different phases of the movie, there is a oscillation of happiness and sorrow but the love story of Vikram and Dimple is one of the parts that fans admired the most. The way they supported each other is really great. Both of them, inspite of their differences, believed in their love and never left each other till the last day. The way Dimple remained strong and brave, convincing her father that if she had to marry anyone, it will be Captain Vikram Batra no matter how long it took really shows us the true meaning of sacrifice. There are many love stories in this world but theirs is going to be unparalleled. From the letters to all the time they spent together inspite of all the hurdles surely showed us the true power of the love. And not to forget, all the songs from Raatan Lambiya to Ranjhaa portraying the intensity of their true love will live in our hearts till eternity. Yes, I wish their love story had a better ending.

Soldiers in the army are usually stern and serious but Vikram Batra wasn't a stereotypical soldier. When he was commissioned as a Lieutenant in 13 JAK RIF in Jammu Kashmir, he very soon formed a close bond with all this fellow mates with his joyful nature. His compassionate nature towards the local people of Jammu and Kashmir highlights that he was a lively soul who was a affectionate lover and a caring friend.

Vikram was given the code name "Shershaah" for the mission to recapture pt 5140. The name was the reflection of the bravery that the Afghan Ruler Shershaah showed while crushing his enemies in the battlefield. One of the important themes portrayed in the movie is patriotism. The way the soldiers waved the Indian Flag after defeating their enemies was really a delightful scene to glance at for every Indian.

When Shershaah died in the Kargil War,1999 and his body was carried back wrapped in the Indian Flag, it was the most sorrowful moment of the movie but it made us feel proud for his sacrifice. Undoubtedly, every person who watched this scene shed a tear. All the emotions attached to this scene were very deep. Since then till now, Captain Vikram Batra lives in our hearts.

Most of the war flims that I have watched revolve around the glory and bleak aftermath of warfare depicting soldiers as automatons devoid of emotions. But Shershaah is a movie that will always be embedded in my heart. The movie not only narrates the story of a hero who sacrificed his life for his country to achieve glory but it highlights an individual who with his love and affection valued the people he had in his life.

Hats off to Siddharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani and all the other actors who worked so hard to give us such a flim. The movie never seemed less than a real picture floating in front of our eyes!

"Yeh Dil Mange More" to portray the love, sacrifice and bravery of Captain Vikram Batra.

Jai Hind..!!!

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