Image by PIRO from Pixabay

In this universe, there are so many galaxies. In those galaxies, there is one galaxy which is our galaxy which is called as Milky way galaxy. In the Milky Way galaxy, there are 8 planets those planets are Mars, Venus, Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Earth is one of the planets in our solar system which has life and a suitable biosphere. Our planet is also called a blue planet. Our Earth is the biggest gift that I think we could have gotten from God. Sometimes so many questions arise in my mind such as whatever we have got from our mother nature are we actually grateful? Do we actually deserve this planet?

From so much research it has been seen that till now we are unable to find life on another planet as well sustainable biosphere for a human being. 3/4th of the earth is covered by water, 2/3rd of water is salty water and approximately 30% of the earth's surface is covered by land. There is one layer of earth that protects all living beings mostly humans from getting affected by highly risky diseases such getting cancer from directly getting in contact with sunlight. The layer which protects us is the Ozone layer. Our Earth, our mother nature has given us so many things for life to survive on this planet such as water to drink, Air to breathe in, land for agriculture purposes, livelihood (shelter) for both human beings as well as animals, plants, trees help in releasing of oxygen in the atmosphere and inhaling carbon-dioxide and natural vegetation to eat vegetables, herbivores animal to survive, etc. But we human beings think this planet solely belongs to human beings do we have ever thought that what we have given to earth in return for so many things. It will be not wrong to say that we have only tried to exploit natural resources. On this planet, we have renewable sources resources and non-renewable sources of resources. What we have done is used the resources so extensively that now the renewable resources have also started becoming non-renewable resources. The extensive use of resources is due to over-industrialization, population explosion, cutting down of forests for setting up new housing society or for developing a particular state, and pollution of water, air, and land. All these causes are inter-connected with each other.

In the population of human beings, China is the first country and the second is India. Does an increase in population will also lead to an increase in the land? The answer is no, on that same piece of land we all human beings as well as animals and plants have to survive. Due to overpopulation cutting down forest is continuous in the process; if people increase their demand and consumption both increase and to achieve the ability to pay for the desired demand people needs a job and that is the reason for industrialization. Industrialization is somewhere an important factor for polluting nature some industries do not maintain a suitable method of disposing of hazardous waste. The industries get specific certificates for carbon emission but they are not following the rules of emitting carbon into the atmosphere and emitting more than the level prescribed to them of carbon or hazardous gases into the atmosphere of the earth which can lead to serious health problems related to breathing.

Even they dispose of the liquid waste either in water bodies or even on land. Discharging hazardous chemicals into water bodies can lead to contamination of water or the dying of aquatic animals that are somehow important for our living as well as the living of other species. Till now even we don’t know the exact numbers of aquatic animals which have got extinct and that can become a major problem for one aquatic species. The chemical which is released on the land becomes barren land (where we cannot grow anything nor any plants or flora can grow on their own) that can create a major issue for those species which are only and only depending upon the plant for livelihood and that can also lead problem to the species which are depended on the other species. Even that will lead to decreasing in oxygen levels in the atmosphere.

All these causes can lead to tsunamis, lands becoming dessert, and no proper air to breathe. A tsunami can be caused due to global warming which is again the biggest problem for human beings. Melting of glaciers can increase the water level in the water body which can result in Tsunami. Extensively cutting down forests might result in fertile land converting into dessert and that can also lead to reduce or decrease in the level of oxygen for the living organism. We are already extensively using non-renewable sources of resources such as crude oil, natural oil, etc. and this might affect our future generation they might also won’t be able to see those animals which are present today the animals might get extinct they will only ably see their pictures and even won’t be able to use cars in future. I think the richest person in the future might be the one who can afford to have a bicycle.

After exploiting the natural resources extremely know we are finding a new planet for our living. Have you ever thought of what will happen with the people belonging to the poverty line and what about the different species of animals? To shift to the other planet won’t we have to pay so who will pay for all of them so indirectly the animals and human beings that cannot afford to pay will be left on this planet for living. There are some people who have already considered this problem as a major issue and started taking some action or trying to find some solution to this problem. We can try to accept the solution in the majority that cannot only help them even our life can become better. There are so many awareness programs going on to make people aware of this problem before it gets too late to return.

Will we understand the importance of having another planet for our livelihood if we are not protecting this beautiful planet? In other words, is it okay to say that after finding a new planet for human beings and destroying that planet we will find another planet, and again this thing will happen? From one planet to another planet we will only keep traveling and destroying and what is the probability of getting to any planet with the same biosphere. We should respect, be grateful for whatever we have got and try to conserve it by taking some precautions before it is too late. 

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