The person who stood for values

The person who stood for simplicity, 

The person who taught us to be patient 

The person who taught us to be non violent, 

The person who inculcated in us the trusteeship 

The person who imbibed in us the honorship,

I pay you huge honour and respect

I owe you love and trust.

Yes people I’m trying to point your attention on the nations great wealth, who was born on 2nd Oct, 1869. Yes I’m talking about Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, whom we call BAPU, "The Father Of Nation.”

Ever since his childhood he was interested in the jobs, where he could do welfare for the people, so what could be the best way to do something great for the people, he became a lawyer. Gandhiji after completing his basic education in 1888, he went to London for his degree of law. Then in 1893 he found himself in South Africa working as a lawyer practitioner. He worked a lot for the black people of South Africa and heartily wanted to eradicate the racial apartheid in South Africa. He had a great persona and he became a member of Indian National Community in South Africa and he also experimented his great principle of “Satyagrah”. Gandhiji finally returned India on 9 Jan, 1915 with his satyagrahi principle, and great will of fire and perverfidness to give his motherland the freedom it deserved. Gandhiji was a staunch supporter of people and their welfare, he throughout his life worked for people and raised his voice against the injustice and also advised people to speak up for themselves. Champaran agitation in native state Gujrat was his first involvement in the freedom politics. Farmers were compelled to grow indigo on the land, then Gandhiji gave them a helping hand as he started a non-violent protest against the oppressors. Gandhi was then able to give farmers the relaxation in agriculture. Then we see in kheda Satyagrah, farmers begged before the Britishers for the relaxation in taxes, they denied and then Bapu again came for the rescue and started his nature campaign of non payment of taxes, this was too a huge success. Here we can see the power of Gandhiji and his non violent principles. His methodology was so powerful that it always bore fruits. During Khilafat movement, he became the spokesperson of All India Muslim Conference and returned all his medals back, he had secured in South Africa, this made him an ardent National leader in just a night. Dear fellow citizens, we all remember the brutal massacre of Jallianwala Bagh, where Britishers open fired on the peaceful gathering of people who were gathered there for some festive reason, thousands of people were brutally killed and this violent act of Britishers made Gandhiji start non-cooperation with the oppressive British. Non-cooperation movement told Indians to stop cooperation with the British in all aspects. After its success, Gandhiji again for his fellow citizens pleaded to the British to give Indians dominance over its region, but it was denied, then Gandhiji started has signature march to Dandhi, walking 388 kilometers from Ahmedabad Hence triggering a civil disobedience movement. Gandjiji’s worthy and amazing efforts and contributions he made to free his nation are not possible to be forgotten ever or denied. For me, I really believe that Gandhiji has actually bestowed us with this beautiful gift of FREEDOM. He sacrificed all his belongings and himself for his nation and for us. I burst into tears that this amazing personality is not with us at the time, and you know what makes me gloomy even more is that his principles are not followed properly, his ideas and lessons his taught us should be ever cherished. Words can’t really describe his struggle and notable sacrifices. He also made a quit India Movement which was also supported by a many great personalities and all his national movements had a huge mass base. 

Gandhi is indubitably the soul of Indian’s independence. He is the person who taught us to have an interfaith harmony, cherish truth, non violence, justice, social equality, trusteeship, courtesy. He ever since his childhood had done some or the other thing for the betterment for the common masses. Gandhiji believed in inclusiveness, pluralism, Hindu-Muslim unity and always united, encouraged and cherished the role of rich, poor, black, whites, downtrodden and marginalized people on one podium in one frame. He always tried to benefit everyone be it a Muslim, Hindu or the untouchable whom he tried to uplift in the social setting and called the “the people of God”, HARIJANS. Gandhiji despite being criticized, never let his struggle to unite Hindu Muslims fade. He gave everyone one the real answer by his moral and rational attitude. He focused on equality in social justice. His ideology always influenced the great people like Martin Luther king, etc. His contribution can’t be called insignificant. He was a man of pure, true, kind and a generous soul. Here I would like to make a mention of an amazing story which reflect the ideology of Gandhi. You know, during 2nd world war, Gandhiji called the people of his land to help Britishers, where at the same time, other people and the nationalist leaders were saying to make them weak and defeat the mighty British, as they thought that it would be easier to attain freedom. Subhas Chandra Bose advised people to start the mass movement, but Bapu didn’t find it apt to enhance the struggle for freedom. I know, many people out there would call Gandhi, an anti nationalist or may say that Bapu also had the spirit of anti nationalism, but my fellow citizens, I want to acquaint you that he actually gave Britishers the real of morality and showed the moral superiority over the oppressive British. I really wonder how exceptional and amazing he was! I would never hesitate to say that Gandhiji not only blessed us with the freedom but most importantly he tried to free people and their minds from the inhumane, corrupt, evil and terrible ideologies. He was gem of a person. Hey the people of my land, we have lost the gem. Sadly on 30th Jan 1948 Gandhiji was shot dead by an extremist, Nathuram Godse, while he was starting to stop the communal riots that partition had triggered. So people, can you imagine he died while doing the service to the nation and helping people find peace in the chaos. Dear fellow citizens, we need to retrieve his principles, moral teachings and notable ideas of Ahimsa, trusteeship, trusteeship, harmony, truth. We need to wake up now and make our country a perfect blend of his ideologies. It might seem cumbersome to many of us, but it could be easily done by following the notable ideas of the great leader of great nation, Gandhi.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
Jai Bharat!

.   .   .