“ All emotions are come from heart ,,,
So don't judge them by situation"

All you know that ,some situations are not in our control...with the same some emotions also are not in our control they will be come out if they want it. So, these two things put us in danger and make trouble equation:-

Uncertain Event + Uncertain Emotions = Trouble maker

This trouble maker equation happens with everyone at onces. On that we don't know how to react after this and our emotions or mind become “Blank". Many of people suffer from this, I'm also one of them. I will share my experience on this type of “Trouble maker situation".

In the year of 2015 my “Grandfather" was expired and after heard that news we gone to their funeral. My ‘Grandmother’ got a big shock because she last her life partner and felt alone herself, she was broken from inside. At one moment she was not talking to anyone, not crying no expression on her face. I felt liked that she gone to coma. We all are afraid and called the ‘Doctor'. Doctor came and checked her, “everything was normal, noting to worried" said Doctor. After that I sat next to her and hug her, “Don't worry grandmaa I'm with you, don't you think that you are alone". I said, but she still not reacting. Then I tired to make her laugh so I started dancing in front of her, doing mimic of her favourite actor sung her favourite song but she still not silent.

Now my last hope was “Jokes". Yes, jokes my grandfather was very funny person he liked to telling jokes and make people laugh. Whenever I was sad he came to me and say world's funniest joke to me from that I felt very happy. So, I started to tell joke. My first joke was, “What do you call a labrador that becomes a magician? Ans is ‘A labracadabrador', but this not work, ok grandma I will tell you one more joke... Where do cauliflower hangout? ... The Gobi Desert... and this one also unsuccessful. And the last but of the list was What movie should you watch on a dinner date? It's Kabhi Sushi Kabhie Rum.

On this joke grandma looked at me and smiled, yes she smiled. I started dancing and hug her, finally grandma you react on something wow, I am so happy. Grandma hold my hand and say, “You know when I fight with your grandpaa and refuse to dinner so he always tell me this joke and I starts laughing and with this our fight will also finish”. We were talking and suddenly my Dad came and said “Time to do Dad's funeral". I hold grandma's hand and went to down for funeral. His dead body was on woods, everyone took his last look I also gone for his last look. His closed eyes make me cry I start's crying & while crying my mind remind me all that jokes which I told to grandmaa for make her laugh and then I stopped crying and start laughing at loud, On that silence placed my laugh sound was eco and everyone started scolding me and I can't stop myself. Watching me like this my dad became so angary and he will be slap me if grandmaa wouldn't stop him.

Everyone was in a shock because I was laughing on my Grandpaa‘s funeral. My cousin thought that I gone mad but only my Grandmaa understood my feeling, because when she look grandpaa her mind also remind that all jokes so she understood the reason behind my laughing. She told to all it is not necessary that you should do someone fare well by crying, You can also say goodbye by remembering. Their good memories and this girl do this good work now you should also do that ok... and this way I suffered from ‘Trouble maker situation'.

.   .   .