Subedar Karam Singh was born on 15 September 1915 in Sehna village of Bernala district. He became inspired by listening to stories of war veterans of his village and decided to join the army. He enrolled in the 1st battalion of the Sikh regiment on 15 September 1941. He was awarded the military medal for showing outstanding courage and valor in the battle of the administration box. He was among the five soldiers who got the chance to raise the Indian flag for the first time after independence in 1947. He was selected by prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru of independent India.

After independence, India and Pakistan fought over the Kashmir issue. Pakistan Pashtun tribal militants occupied Tithwal which was a strategic post along the line of control. However, the Indian army got its control on 23rd May 1948. The enemy launched counterattacks. The battle of Tithwal continued for many months. On 13 October the enemy launched back-to-back eight attacks on the forward post where Lance Naik Karam Singh was commanding a 1 Sikh regiment at Richhmar Gali. The Indian unit was outnumbered ten to one, but not one bunker fell into enemy hands. Although all the Indian bunkers were destroyed by heavy shelling by the enemy. Karam Singh ran from the post helping injured soldiers and telling his men to keep on fighting. He was injured many times. He repulsed the enemy by throwing grenades at them. His unit even fought hand-to-hand battles with the enemy, when the enemies tried to reach their post. Singh himself killed two enemy soldiers with his bayonet!

The Sikh regiment lost 15 men and around 260 injured, while the enemy lost nearly 300 men and around 500 injured. The enemy could not conquer even a single bunker! For his absolute courage and disregard for his own life for his nation, Singh a die-hard patriot was awarded the prestigious and highest military honor of the country, the Param Vir Chakra! Karam Singh was the first non- posthumous recipient of this award.

His exemplary courage and leadership saved the coveted post of Tithwal and changed the course of the war in favor of India! He retired from the military as subedar and this honorary captain died on 20th June 1993 at the age of 77 due to natural death. He is survived by his wife guardian Singh and his children.

He is still remembered as the 'Sardar' the man of steel, who did not determine in the face of extreme challenges and attacks. He will always be remembered as one of the country's greatest soldiers ever and would continue to inspire the forthcoming generations forever!

Soldier oh brave soldier of India,
You are the pride & victory of the nation!
You are the brave heart who protects
The borders from infiltrators & terrorists.
You are the real heroes of India,
Who wakes up all night & guards the nation
So that we could have a sound sleep
Till the time you are there on the border.
We do not need to be tensed about
What is happening on the borders
You are our pride, valor, and honor
A salute to our all brave Indian soldiers.

.    .    .