In Sanatan dharma, Mahabali, Veda Vyas, Vibhisana, Kripacharya, Parasurama, Hanuman and Ashwatthama are chiranjeevi. Hanuman is a revered devotee of Lord Rama. He is said to have knowledge gained both by his birth and deeds. He is faster than the wind and has a great moral being possesses Ashta Aishwarya Siddhi. He also had the power to grow bigger and smaller. It is said that those who worship Hanuman will attain good intellect, strength, fame, courage, eloquence, good health, and fearlessness. The Saffron offering to Hanuman Swami is very effective for all auspiciousness and happy life.

Lord Hanuman took the Panchmukhi (Five faces of Hanuman) form to kill Ravana's brother Ahiravana. Ahiravana was a powerful demon. He kidnapped Ram and Lakshmana to help Ravana during the Ramayan war. Lakshmana had killed Ravana's son named Indrajit during the ongoing war. Ravana had then approached Ahiravana for help. The latter was the ruler of the underworld (Patal lok).

Ahiravana tried to enter the premises but failed. Lord Hanuman foiled all his attempts. Ahiravana finally decided to disguise himself in the form of Vibhisana. Hanuman could not recognized him, and he allowed him to enter the room where Ram and Lakshmana were lying and doing rest.

Ahiravana entered the room and abducted Ram and Lakshmana. He took them to the underworld. When Hanuman came to know of this whole story. He went to Vibhisana and told him about the whole story. Vibhisana told Hanuman to rescue them soon, as Ahiravana would sacrifice them otherwise. Hanuman went on his rescue mission to save the two brothers.

When Hanuman reached Patal lok, he was stopped by a weird creature. Half of its body was of a vanara and half of it was a reptile. He was guarding the door. He stopped Hanuman from entering the Patala lok. When Hanuman asked about him, he said that he was the son of Hanuman. His name was Makardhwaja.

This baffled Hanuman, as he had been a strict Brahmachari. Makardhwaja explained that when Hanuman was leaping over the sea, a drop of his precipitation fell into a crocodile's mouth and that was how he was born. Hanuman told Makardhwaja about himself and embraced him. The latter was very pleased with seeing his father.

Then Hanuman told Makardhwaja about the reason for his visit and to let him get into the Patal Lok. However, Makardhwaja was also Hanuman's son and was loyal to his master just like his father. Hence, both of them had a duel. After defeating Makardhwaja, Hanuman entered Patal lok.

Ahiravana had a strong army. Chandrasena told Hanuman the secret of killing Ahiravana. The demon's life force was in five different lamps, which faced five different directions. To kill Ahiravana all the five lamps had to be blown out at the same time. Hanuman then appeared in his Panchmukhi form and extinguished the five candles killing Ahiravana. He then rescued Ram and Lakshmana who were lying unconscious due to a magic spell. Lastly, Hanuman crowned Makardhwaja as the king of Patal lok on the advice of Lord Shri Ram.

The five faces of Panchmukhi Hanuman are mentioned below.

(A) HANUMAN: The face that looks east supposedly worshipping this form removes one's sins and makes the mind peaceful and pure.

(B) NARASIMHA: This looks south and grants victory over one's enemy. Narasimha is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, which he took to protect Prahlad from fire

(C) GARUDA: This is the west-facing form. Worshipping this face protects one from evil influences black magic and evil spirits.

(D) VARAHA: This face faces the north and removes bad planetary effects.

(E) HAYAGRIVA: It faces upward. Those who worship this face gain knowledge and progeny.

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