A rich man opened his almirah and said:

'Life is money'

A clown burst into laughter and said:

'Life is funny'

A poor man shivering with cold and said:

'Life is a struggle'

And a sad man said:

'Life is very dull'

A soldier said:

'Life is a battle field'

A nun said:

'Life is serving humanity'

A saint said:

'Life is attaining moksha'

A fraud said:

'Life is fooling others'

In spring, a bird sitting on a tree said:

'Life is like a blooming orchard'

A sparrow twittered:

'Life is freedom'

A helpless bird in a cage:

'Life is prison'

What a lazy man said:

'Life is sitting for the whole day on a dunlop bed'

A cricketer said:

'Life is cricket'

But for myself:

'Life is an unsolved mystery '

"Life is a bouquet of joys, sorrow, frown and fun life is all rolled into one."

.   .   .