We love you lord Ganesha. You are the divine son of lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. You are present in almost all houses. People enjoy praying you every day and performing religious ceremony. They offer you Modak, your favourite desert. Then you become very happy and bless them to fulfill their wishes. You are the god of knowledge. God of good fortune, wisdom and prosperity. You bless people to be creative and give creative freedom. You love and respect your parents and you are the care taker of family. You are always with purity and truth as a defender. No puja, no yagna can start without you. You are invoked at the beginning of a new venture and adventure. You are the hurdle remover, you are the savior. And you are the protector. You are so simple and so pure. You are the destroyer of vanity, pride and selfishness. Ganesh Chaturthi is your birthday. We believe you visit our mother earth during this festive period. Bless this earth with peace and prosperity for all. Your divine intervention is needed. To save us from the fury of nature. Make this earth tolerant and free from all types of pollution. Let the glory go far and wide Give your divine blessings and opportunity for new pride. We celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with utmost devotion, enthusiasm with pomp and show.

.   .   .